Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The News 'Round These Parts

This isn't breaking news, but it was supposed to be hush hush for a little while, so I think I only mentioned it once...on her comment section. Then I remembered that I was supposed to be keeping it a secret. Gosh I'm good with secrets.

So anyway, what was I saying? Oh yeah! Big news!

This guy...
(A.k.a. Brandon, my brother-in-law)

...and this girl...
(A.k.a. my sister Emily)

...are pregnant! We technically SHE is pregnant...not him, but you get my drift no?

Because I am impatient and don't want to wait to see what this baby will look like, I ran their pictures through Morphthing.

And I think I did something wrong?
Unless of course, they have conceived a mutant pig. (How about we don't tell Emily this OK? I think the idea of THAT in her body might freak her out a little bit)

I tried again...but trust didn't get any better. So I tried Matt and know...JUST TO SEE...
And now I'm off to get my tubes tied!


  1. Hahahha....well congrats to your sis and BIL!

    Hmmm....those morphed pics are really scary...your family must be starting a new race...haha!!

  2. clearly I'm not so good with keeping secrets either! and mr. cat and i did the morph thing at Dave and Buster's once. I swear the kid looked like an elf with mutant ears. granted, I'd take that anyday over a pigs nose. lol.

    congrats again to your sil!!! when is their due date?

  3. errrr........ I mean your sister.

  4. oh the due date...are you ready for the disgusting cuteness that is my sister and brandon???

    Freakin' Valentines Day!

    haha go figure

  5. OMG the mutant pig pics are SCARING me. For real. LOL
    Thankfully, with how good-looking they both are, I'm sure their child will be BEAUTIFUL! Congrats to you, future-Auntie!

  6. Hahaha... Congrats to the sister. Those are some TWISTED photos. lol


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