Thursday, July 24, 2008

Nobody "nose" the trouble I've seen...

Today as I was reading an article online, I saw a quote from an interviewee and thought "Wow, I bet you were dropped as a child," which reminded me of a little story.
About a year ago, more or less, I was hanging out with my family and someone said something...well...stupid, and I made a comment about them maybe being dropped as an infant.

My mom looked me straight in the eye and said "No Bekah, that was you."

"Excuuuuuuse me??"

"Yeah Honey, on the way up from Florida to visit when you were six months old."

"What!? You dropped me?" I shrieked.

"Well, no, you more or less rolled off the side of the bed and landed on your face...twice."

I stared, as the rest of my siblings fell into gales of laughter. I don't think I have ever seen my brother-in-law laugh that hard. Matt was hyperventilating by the time it was over.

"Did I break my nose? 'Cause if I did that would explain why there is a bump in my nose."

Adding insult to injury she informed that I did not break my nose, that's just how my nose looks.

Great, now I'm brain-damaged AND I have a a stupid nose.

Apparently baby-dropping is a relatively common occurance, who knew?! Was anyone else out there dropped as a child? Am I alone here? Do you think I can blame my nose on that incident anyway?

Does that schnoz look broken to you?

*Seriously I almost didn't post that picture..I hate that picture. the interest of honest journalism(what?) I had to post it*


  1. Honestly I think ALL babies are dropped (possibly on their heads) at one time or another.Ha!

    I never thought to blame my big schnoz on that! I would use it except my dad's side of the family all has that same stupid nose. Blah.

    But you look damn cute, so don't sweat it!! :-)

  2. haha well thanks!

    yeah its not the reason for my nose. I cropped my brother out of the picture..but we have the exact same nose, you can see our profiles in the post below about the wedding. sigh...genetics

  3. I had a hard time looking at your nose (not because of that!), but because I LOVE your hair! It's gorgeous. And I'm sure ALL babies get dropped at some point.

    My cousin fell out of a two story window at her house when she was a baby. Ouch. But she's still alive and ticking!

  4. Yes, I was dropped as a baby. Well, not dropped...I was in a highchair with wheels, and i kicked the table and fell over.

    And, I hate to admit this...but our baby (well, he is 3 now) fell off the bed more than once. He seems ok. LOL!!!

    So, dont fret, you are not alone. :)

  5. I rolled out of my grandparents bed more than once...yep...that's what's wrong with all of us....hehehehe

  6. I love your title, first off. And this reminded me of my siblings who would always jump into the pool (without their swimmies). They each jumped once before the learned their lesson... (that they don't automatically float) and someone was always there (I think I was there for at least three of them) to jump in after them.

    And really, I think we all probably rolled of a couch or bed one time or another! (And one of my sisters DOES have a bumpy nose come to think of it!!)

  7. I am sure that I remember a story about my BIL being pushed out of the backseat of a moving car at 3 years old. He had two other brothers, and they were rambunctous. Of course that was before everyone wore seatbelts.


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