Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sleep Talking

Matt talks in his sleep. A LOT. I love to start conversations when he is asleep. It never fails to amuse me before I go to bed. The first time it happened was when we were still dating. We were watching Robin Hood(the Disney version no less!) on the couch and before I knew it he had drifted off to sleep. Robin Hood and Maid Marian were finally getting together...

...he was about to slip the flower ring onto her finger (which is a SCARY finger by the way) and the next I knew I was hearing...

I really like the black and tan in their art.

Um what hun?

The Mayans, they had great art.


Two nights ago I stayed up to read and he went to sleep. I crawled into bed later and heard

You I made not comfty.

Huh? (I have never heard him talk like that, ever.)

Not comfty I made.

Who's not comfortable hun?


Oh I'm not?


I see.
Yup. Love you. Night-night.
Since when has this man said night-night? It was oddly adorable.

ALSO, he calls me names in his sleep. He swears he is actually not talking to me (and I believe him) but it is still hilarious. The first time it happened he sat up in bed and loudly said "b*itch"


Then he just rolled over and went back to sleep.

He has also said "retard!" and "stu..." which I think was the beginning of "stupid" but he has no recollection. Matt never even jokingly calls me names(other than "dork" but that is more of a truth than a name), so I think its hilarious when he does it in his sleep..although what does that say about how he thinks of me in his subconscious. Hmm...that's something I will have to ponder for a little while.
Why do I love harassing this poor man while he sleeps? But I mean, technically he does start the conversations.


  1. So I think its hilarious that you posted this blog! My husband does the same thing. Except his I cant really ever make out. I catch some words then its just a whole bunch of jibberish. Its funny because I talk to him and he responds slightly then wakes up and gets mad at me! I think its so much fun doing that to him! I love seeing that I am not the only one!

  2. this is hilarious! I would be an evil wife and try my best to mess with him during these *conversations*. I almost spit out my coffee reading that he sits up and yells "b!tch". Super funny.

    And don't worry. I'm sure he's not talking about you.

  3. I do the same thing to Chris. If he is talking in his sleep, I try to keep it going. He is more of a sleep walker than talker...but is is still fun to mess with him.

  4. Him and I would get along GREAT...I talk in my sleep (so Big D says) ALL THE TIME! Actually I know it's true cuz it's something I've done since a child. He tries to converse with me but once he does, I start mumbling incoherently. But it makes him laugh so it's all good. LOL


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