Wednesday, July 2, 2008


He is such a little stinker. He has learned recently that when he raises his eyebrows he gets...oooh pretty much anything he wants.

It's irresistible. And he knows it.

Oh, and those rocks he is standing on? He seems to think they are food. That can't be good. By seven months a dog should know that rocks aren't edible right?
I vote Matt to take him out for a while...I'm not helping him pass a rock.

He also thinks leather=beef jerky. Belts, shoes, and purses must be kept off the ground at all times.

He has not yet overcome his fear of travel. Or rather, his distaste for travel. I don't think he is actually scared. He rides along in the back of the truck and lets about a big dramatic sigh every 15 minutes or so.

It could have something to do with this repressed memory of his.

*Gosh, camera phones are so fuzzy*

That is the first and only time Matt allowed me to dress our dog...that he knows about anyway. We disagree on the virtues of animal clothes. I love them. What could be cuter than a puppy in a softball tee?

And yes, that is how he used to ride around with me, until he got ginormous. He's a cuddler.

What do you mean that's not safe? Surely you jest.


  1. Bummer, Big D won't let me dress the big dog either. The little dog (which was my dog originally before we met) I stick in adorable winter sweaters, sweatshirts and coats. IT's crazy but she looks so dang cute I can't help it!

  2. I always said that I wouldn't dress my dog up, but ours is small and she NEEDS the cute little sweaters in the winter. heh.

    But your dog looked so adorable in his little shirt!!

  3. ok seriously, how freak'n cute is that puppy in a t-shirt? I suddenly have a song stuck in my head..... doggie in a window....

  4. I tried to squeeze him into it again...ut he is WAY too big now.


    hey! maybe matts shirts will fit him now!


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