Wednesday, August 27, 2008

All in a Hard Day's Work

Matt and I took Jaco to the park recently. Let me tell you, my dog is a drama queen.
Oh look, here he comes now.
Is he really yawning?

Oh come on. Seriously? You are six feet away from me. I think you'll make it.

Jaco, come on. This is silly. Don't you want to play fetch or something? The squinted eyes are a nice touch though. That's new, who taught you that?
What is it buddy? You are so tired? Here come sit with me.Well gosh, don't expose yourself for the camera!
There that's better!

And look, suddenly he perks up and looks slightly less comatose.

We are hoping that within the next year of his life he will learn to sit on the ground like a normal dog. He says that's not in his contract. We're in negotiations as I type.

But look what happens when he is back in air conditioned doggie-heaven.

Told you he was all drama.

Who me? Drama? NOOOOO.


  1. Love the last picture.. he looks really really guilty!

    "Now, where did I hide that bone?"

  2. He is so adorable. But I know looks are deceiving. But still!

  3. Thanks for the comment Bekah. I adore Jaco, btw. It's hilarious that he sits in your lap like that.

  4. He's Jeykell and Hyde! I'm sure he just needed to recharge his battery a little bit.

  5. I love the adventures of Jaco! And he definitely looks like a drama queen...... lol

  6. I wish I had the courage to take our two to the dog park. I do not. You want to talk about drama...I am afraid they would drive all the dogs out of the park. Or afraid they would think they were the size of a Rottweiler and take one on. So we just stay in our air conditioned park at home!

  7. Im sure he will be pleased to know that he is well loved character on this blog. No really, you saw him, he lives for attention..he would LOVE you guys!

  8. Tired or not, he is a cutie-patootie!!!

  9. I'm with ladyfi, the last picture is priceless! Jaco is my kind of dude!

  10. I love the picture of him in your lap, with his tongue hanging out and him leaning against you. He is QUITE the spoiled puppy!!

    BTW- did you know that you average 13.1 posts a week? You're one helluva blogger!

  11. haha i figured it was something like that...but 7 of them per week are just pictures, so that hardly counts! feel like cheating in a way!

  12. I wish my dog was that well-behaved. Or as good-looking/not ugly like death.


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