Monday, August 18, 2008

Beach Day '08

Let's see. Where do I even start, Beach Day '08 (as I have just officially named it) was wonderful. A much needed break.

We started our day nice and early at 4:00 AM. It's a four hour drive and we had a pregnant girl along for the trip, so we made a stop about every hour. Once we got down to the beach we set up our blankets, or rather, everyone else set up their blankets while Matt and I looked at each other...

Did you pack a blanket?

No did you?

No. Were we supposed to?

Looks that way.

Once we had the blankets situated (or lack thereof), we ran down to the water, stuck our toes in, and immediately ran back to the blankets. It was FREEZING, and it was only 10:00 AM so we waited a few hours for the sun to warm us up. In the meantime, we discovered a good prospect for the next synchronized diving team.

Look at that form! (Some girl named Sonia gave my little brother her number, I find that hilarious. She just walked right up to our blankets, that takes some serious guts. He was so embarrassed.)

We played football, then frisbee, then headed back to the water, where we all gave skim boarding a try. It's not easy y'all. Not easy at all.
There is a picture of me doing it as well, and it made me realize that I never actually grew out of that stage where a girl is all knobby kneed legs and gangly arms. I am gawky. There I said it. I am gawky.

After that my mom, sister, and I were ready to head back to the cars, get changed and take a walk. We realized we would need to change, but the beach bathrooms were 1.) foul and 2.) crowded.

We grabbed our stuff, walked across the street, used the restaurant entrance to a nice little hotel, and got ready in the bathroom. Sneaky, no? Hence the sink bathing.
Worked like a charm. The hotel receptionist actually came in at one point and told us we looked pretty. It's just too easy.

They love when I take pictures of them getting ready.

As we left I broke into Michael Jackson's "Smooth Criminal."

While the rest of the group got dressed(in the beach bathrooms, I guess not everyone can be smooth criminals), the three of us headed out around town. We found this place...Matt and I are thinking of buying the first floor condo.

I mean, it's only 1.2 million. Totally doable for a young couple. Don't you think?

After we met up with everyone, we found ourselves in a candy store, and immediately regressed into sugar crazed five year-old versions of ourselves.

It was mayhem. Pushing and shoving, yelling and screaming, punches were being thrown left and right, there were more than a few tears shed... ...Or not, but really we got very excited to buy some candy.
Just look at the satisfied smile on Emily's face as she fills her bag.Holy jawbreaker batman! Here is a nice memory. I was sucking on a gummy octopus, and for some reason I was about to take a picture of Matt and I. Right as I took it my brother-in-law said something that warranted me pretending to kick him. Instead I kicked Matt right in the shin. Hard. Hence the tensed jaw. Sorry honey.

Thank goodness I captured THAT moment in time.

All in all, a great day!


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