Friday, August 8, 2008

Family Night

Thursday nights are family night, so last night we all traipsed over to my Mom's house for dinner, and just to hang out. We ended up going for a nice walk, then playing a rip-roaring game of team scrabble. Here is a little look into the average family night.

Here are our lovely hosts. Also known as Mom and Tim. Yes, that is bacon you see behind them, we made BLT's and they were delicious. I don't regret a thing. I ate two. And a piece of cake. Chocolate cake to be exact.

Oh! Brett is back from Africa, and I gotta tell ya, I like him. He fits in well with our family, and boy-oh-boy is he good at Scrabble!

Meanwhile, Emily suddenly popped out and actually looks pregnant. By the way...she has started a little blog to document her baby experience...I am linking in on the side of the page as well. Dear tiny peanut, I know she is my older sister, but I have always a little felt protective of her, she is so little!

Until she does things like this...then I start to gag. I know what you are thinking, it's a tomato.

This is her husband Brandon. Let me tell you what HE did this week.

He hit a bees nest with a golf club. And then this happened. The doctor says that is NOT an allergic reaction...but...I mean really, then what is it? 'Cause that doesn't look kosher to me.

All night the big hand kept reminding us of certain things, such as:

The Nutty Professor

A blown up latex glove.

A foam finger (the "go team" fan thingies)

Hellboy's fist

The list goes on...but I think you get the general idea. I somehow did not get a single picture of Matt, Everett, or Branson. Bethany, my other little sister, is at the beach with some friends this week, so she missed out on all the Scrabbletastic fun.

Really, the gargantuan hand sort of stole the show last night......but zombie sister wasn't far behind.

So wrong.


  1. Looks like a fun night.

    His arm is a bit freaky looking, does it hurt still??? eeeek

    I stopped by your sister's site, cute set up. Are they your pictures, or is she a shutter bug too??

    Oh and your neice/nephew is due on my birthday!! :)

  2. You were born on valentines day?! shut up!! thats awesome!

    mostly they are her pics i believe. the only one on there that i took is the first one of her husband, that is at their wedding.

    He said that it does still least it did as of last night. hopefully it went down since then!

  3. Yes I am a Valentine's baby.
    Birthdays on holidays, not so great. I always felt jipped, I never celebrated both it was always just one or the other. My Hubby is good though he does 2 cards and 2 gifts.

    But I guess on the other hand it is kinda cool....

    You can be the cool Aunt that always remembers them both for Vday and their birthday!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Your family looks like a BLAST!! lol

    The big hand makes me laugh!

  5. That hand looks painful. It reminds me of Mr.C on our wedding day because he broke his arm 2 weeks before our wedding day and had to have a plate and 10 screws put in. So our wedding pictures has him with a gigantic hand. Luckily he didn't have to wear a cast.

    Your family sounds like a ton of fun! Off to check out your sisters blog!


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