Friday, August 22, 2008

Fiesta, Fiesta, Ole!

My husband would be appalled by my use to Spanish there. But really, my Spanish makes him grimace pretty much every time I use it. He tries to help me and teach me the correct pronunciations, but I'm all, Oh no you didn't! Just 'cause you are some fancy shmancy Spanish teacher doesn't make you the boss of ME! If I wanna say whol-a I'm gonna say whol-a and there's nothin' you can do about it! (You have to imagine the amount of head bobbing that's going on as I say that, trust me, I have a lot of head bobbing attitude)

But that is neither here nor there. My point is, I went to a party! A graduation party for my friend Skye to be exact. I wrote about Skye before, if you haven't read it, you should. It will help you get to know her so much better. Seriously, go read it, this will be here when you get back. I promise.

Skye is now (also) a teacher. I am surrounded by teachers, I have no idea why I didn't pursue education. Not because I want to mold and shape the minds of our youth (how scary is that?) but because they get the summers off. AND THEY STILL GET PAID! Did you know this? I didn't know that until I started dating Matt. Again -- I digress.

So - Skye graduated, got a grown up job, and moved back from South Carolina. So her parents had a little party for her a week ago. It was very nice, I ate a pickle wrapped in ham. I really expected more of a taste sensation from that by they way. It's kind of a let down, it just tastes like a pickle...with a slight hint of ham.

At the party, they played volleyball.

I didn't play because I wear inappropriate shoes. But hey, I looked cute! Overdressed, but cute!
I hung out with Sampson instead.

Then Skye lured Sampson away from me with promises of football.
I love the form in this picture. I think that's what they call "the perfect throw." Ahem.
The dog can carry a FOOTBALL in it's MOUTH. Amazes me every time.

That's...appropriate, is it not?

Then we played Apples to Apples with this kid.

Seriously, this kid is TROUBLE.
I think he is their neighbor..I'm not really sure who he is.

Do you see that dimple? That dimple makes me want to have a kid just like him, but then I remember that my kids will most likely look like this.
And suddenly that urge is gone.


  1. Looks like a fun party! My husband likes to make up words and tell me they're spanish.

  2. I have a friend from Kentucky who pronounces a nearby street "Tuh-jun-gah." It is spelled Tujunga. If you're hubby is a Spanish teacher, I am sure you know how far off my friend is. :-P

    And suddenly that urge is gone.

    I laughed out loud at this line.

  3. I don't even think its the hair on the baby. Or the fact that you are both white and the baby isn't. I think it is the shirt. Who puts a shirt like that on a kid?

  4. Inappropriate shoes is an acceptable reason for not participating. Cute DOES count. And that kid is truly your future. I can see that face coming from you and Matt. Did that sound weird? Cause it did to me......


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