Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Great Carbon Monoxide Scare

In March of 2008, when Jaco was just a wee pup, I took him out for a walk. We got over to the grass where he liked to "potty" and he stumbled and fell. It was one of the most pathetically sad things I have ever seen. If you are new to this blog...this is what he looked like then...

Can you even imagine seeing that little darling stumble and fall over? Heart-breaking

I was worried that something was wrong with him, or that he had been exposed to CARBON MONOXIDE! I was completely and utterly fixated on this. Within 5 minutes I was convinced that my apartment was slowly filling with a silent killer.

As my logic slowly unraveled I threw open all of the windows in an effort to save our lives. It should be made known that my old apartment was run solely on electricity, therefore unless someone was running a generator in my living room without my knowledge the chances of carbon monoxide in my apartment were slim. REALLY SLIM.

Despite that information, I refused to close the windows...just in case. I was petrified, and cold. I didn't close the windows for four days. In March. I also refused to run the heat in case it was actually pumping the deadly gas into my home. In March. I called the apartment complex and asked if there was any chance that my apartment was being exposed to Carbon Monoxide...they said no. I called again...they still said no. Each night I would grab my puppy, curl up under several blankets and sleep with my face pressed to the window while holding Jaco to his head was also facing the window.

I started experiencing phantom symptoms. I convinced myself I could smell something funny in the apartment. Carbon Monoxide has no smell, so I'm not sure what I thought I was accomplishing with that. I also decided I was feeling rather lightheaded( which now that I think about it, probably had more to do with the fact that it was about 40 degrees in my apartment). I read up on the subject, here's a fun fact: Did you know that Carbon Monoxide is resposible for a great deal of "ghost sitings"? Yeah! That's totally true! It can cause hallucinations.

When he came down to visit the next weekend he went out an bought me a Carbon Monoxide detector. Why didn't I think of that you ask? Because I am irrational. But then you know that by now don't you?

According to the detector there was no trace carbon monoxide in my apartment. Turns out...Jaco was a puppy, and lost his balance. Little turd.

Haha PSYCH! Gotcha!!!

Also, the reason I felt lightheaded is because I am a bimbo. An irrational bimbo, but hey! At least I have a carbon monoxide detector now. And yes, it is still plugged in next to our bed at the new place. When I wake up and see the glowing red eye it reassures me, that no, we are not dead.
'Cause that would be a bummer of a way to start the day.


  1. You make me laugh!!

    Jaco was such a cute puppy!! Still is cute too.

    I can get like that,with me it is usually about bugs. When we first moved to the 'city' I thought we were going to get roaches....every bug I saw I had to look up on the computer and make sure it wasn't one.

  2. Very funny Bekah. Oh the lengths we will go to.....
    I have to agree, waking up dead, really puts a damper on things.


  3. Jaco was such a cute puppy... but OBVIOUSLY not a good carbon monoxide detector! hee hee. You should've gotten a canary... I think that's what miners send in to see if a mine has high levels of carbon dioxide.

  4. You brought a smile to my face this morning!

    Cutey Putootie puppy!

  5. Definately made me smile! Hes so cute!

  6. what a cute dog. don't worry, I'm irrational too, I called in sick yesterday because my baby dog Dora was sick....and I used sick leave dependant care....well, she is dependant on me!


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