Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Hmm....Where to Put This...

The mantle? No, maybe the coffee table? Hmm...I'll have to think about it.

ANYWAY, Mrs. Kitty gave me this little pretty just the other day....

Gosh thanks! *wave* I feel like Miss America! *wave* Only without all the runny mascara. I don't do make-up unless it's waterproof, that's something you should know about me. I hate it when make-up smudges under my eyes and I start to look like a big-haired raccoon. So not hot.

So anyway...where was I? Oh oh right, my new bling.

I think this is the part where I pass this award around the blogosphere a little more, the problem with that is that I really don't read too many other blogs. Well that's not true, I do read them, and I laugh and howl in my office, but I don't think they KNOW that I read them...I'm sneaky like that you know. And the ones I DO read already got this award for the most part so for me to give it again is lame and redundant. Am I over thinking this a little? I do that.'ll try anyway...

There is a April over at Thoughts in my Tumultuous brain. She cracks me up with her stories about herself, her cats, and her very sweet husband Big D. She also keeps it very real, which I appreciate. She isn't afraid to say that she is having a bad day, or to tell you exactly what pisses her off. I like that.

Then there is Julie from Jujukat's World. Lately she has been proving to me that I never ever want to buy and sell a house..because it seems stressful, yet she somehow continues to bring the humor through all of it.

Also Laura B. over on Ramblings, Rants, and Recipes. She takes some beautiful pictures and posts some of the most delectable recipes I have ever seen. Of course I have never tried one because last time I baked I almost set fire to a hot mitt, apparently you take those OUT before your bake. Whatever, I can't be bothered with details...what I'm saying it, she makes it look easy. Go check out her salsa, I crave it, and I've never even had it.

Okay that's all I have for now...I think...


  1. Oh, Bekah!!! I big purple fuzzy heart lurve you!!! Thanks for the award...I will post it immediately as it is my first and only. I will cherish it always and make sure to wear my waterproof mascara. ;-)

  2. Ooh, ooh! I got an award! Thank you so much, I am honored! :-)

    I promise I will TRY to repost it soon. I have like three (old) awards that I still haven't posted cuz I've procrastinated so much that now the task seems very daunting! LOL

  3. Yippee, I got an award!! Thank you!! I feel so important. Your so sweet!!!

  4. Your welcome, and you made wise choices in your recipients. Oh, and you look just fine with those raccoon eyes!


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