Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Holy Hail

After the picnic on Sunday I took Matt back-to-school shopping. As I typed that I realized how funny that sounds. Let me rephrase. My husband and I went shopping for work clothes. Better?

After watching him try on countless pairs of Khaki's, and a slight disagreement about pleats vs. flat-front, we were ready to head home. For the record he absolutely refused to let me take picture of the fashion show in the fitting room. I told him that you guys are great when it comes to clothing advice, he just wasn't going for it.

Just as we got into the car...this happened. (Hopefully this works!)

Please excuse my annoying voice. And my stupid questions! I was just trying to make him laugh, the boy HATES hail. Hates it.

I, on the other hand, think it's pretty cool (despite the fact that it did damage my car a little, his was fine somehow).

Please excuse the crappy pictures...I only had my cell phone at the time. As we were standing out there it started up again, so we ran back into the truck and headed home. At home we realized...

...Matt left his work boots outside. Oops.

Jaco was terrified, but with a little coaxing he ventured out into the hail covered grounds.

I don't know guys...are you sure this is safe?? Looks questionable to me.

Yep, it's safe! I deem it safe!

All in all, despite a little damage to my car, it was a lot of fun, I think Jaco agreed. Matt thinks I'm crazy, but that's nothing new.


  1. I try to convince John that he should have work clothes and then his everyday clothes. Doesnt work. So this weekend I am going to try and take him shopping and get him new clothes. We'll see how that goes.

    As for that storm holy cow! What state do you live in where it hails like that? I have never seen that before. We get hail storms but nothing like that..ours our small and never pile up like that! Thats crazy!

  2. we live in PA, but I have really never seen THAT much hail before. It was amazing. it only lasted like...15-20 mintues max, then it was a sunny day again. It was crazy. We have been getting a good amount of hailstorms lately, makes me dread winter!

  3. Apparently that is the storm that went right from you up to the Okanagan, and damaged all the fall fruit crop. It had been a bumper crop, now it's a bruised crop. Hope that your car is OK.

  4. Wow!!! I hope your car ends up okay...it absolutely scares me senseless to be in a car when it's hailing.

    So who preferred pleats?

  5. That last pic of Jaco on his hind legs is SO cute!!! It's like he's doing a happy jig, "Yay for hail!" LOL

  6. haha he prefers pleats. i dont. I think...he is a pretty slim guy, i like that, but the pleats make him look like he has hips...i DONT like that.

    He thinks flat front pants accentuate his rear, which is maybe a little true, and he teaches high school girls...who can be forward at times. Silly boy, pleats arent going to change the fact that you are an attractive dude!

  7. Girl...he should totally go no pleats...I haven't convinced Shooter to go that route yet. Ugh!

  8. That is a lot of hail.
    You can't go wrong with flat front pants.

  9. Hail sucks. But it looks fun.... for you. And why do guys insist on hiding their awesome features?

  10. We had a river through our front yard and the hail was bouncing down High St like super balls! I was expecting a tornado next! 'There's no place like home...'

  11. Crazy Hail storm. We don't get a ton of summer hail storms. Really hardly at all Weird though.

  12. WHOA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    that was some storm!!!
    I can totally understand Matts frustration...but can totally side w/ you on HOW FREAKIN COOL HAIL IS!!!

    just sayin...


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