Monday, August 4, 2008

"I believe...

..there are angels among us
sent down to us
from somewhere up above
they come to you and me
in our darkest hour
so show us how to live
teach us how to give
and guide us with the light of love"

Can you name that song? It has been stuck in my head ALL morning. I haven't heard that song in years.

Do you believe in angels? Do you believe in something? I do. I'm not one of those people that sees them everywhere, at the supermarket, on street corners, picking their nose in the car next to me..that guy? NOT an angel. But I think there is too much out there that can't be explained.

I once read a story about a pregnant woman and her husband who were driving in the winter, and kept sliding almost off the road. They would come close to one side of the road but then somehow the car would not go off, and begin to drift to the other side but again would not go off. (I cannot for the life of me find this book right now, but I will keep looking!) They couldn't explain it. When the woman called her mom later to tell her about what happened, her mother told her she had had a dream that night in which the same exact thing was happening to the woman and her husband, but in her dream she could see two angels, and when the car would veer to one side, the angel there would push it back onto the road. That's...weird, to say the least.

I think sometimes people mistake kind people for angels, but I wonder if if goes the other way as well?

I have previously posted this story, about a bad accident we were in on Easter when I was little, but there is more to that story that I left out at the time.

When we were taken to the hospital, my mom, my sister, and I were all strapped onto stretchers and wearing neck braces. I was pretty upset, and although I could hear my moms voice I could not see her. Eventually she told me to look up, mounted on the ceiling there was a security camera (the kind behind a mirror) and I could see her, albeit slightly distorted, in the reflection.

Eventually I started to calm down and I realized we were all okay. After we had all been checked out and it was determined that we were overall fine with just slight injuries, we were released and we went home.

Later that day, my mom asked me what the old lady was saying to me. I told her I didn't talk to an old lady. She and Emily both said that in the reflection of the mirror they saw an older lady leaning over my stretcher, touching my hair, and talking to me. She said the lady had told both her and Emily that we would all be okay and to calm down, that God was watching over us. They both assumed she was an older lady who was there visiting someone (although now I realize it would be odd for her to be in the Emergency room).

I have absolutely no recollection of this lady, I can't explain that. I remember almost everything about that day. I remember the way the neck brace made my head tilt up, I remember that I lost one glove in the accident and was wearing only one glove at the hospital. I remember the way the straps on the stretcher pushed into my ribs. But I cannot remember that lady.

So what do you guys think? Angels...yes or no? Maybe? Do you have any experiences with things like this?


  1. I'm not overly religous, but I do believe that there's something up there. There have been times when someone had to have been watching over me.

    Like when I slid on ice on the interstate, came face to face with a semi, went off the other side, down an embankment and wound up in between trees. My car fit perfectly in between two large trees. If I would've hit either one, my sister or I would've been hurt... but we went right in between them in a fit so tight that my rearview mirror got whacked off. All these trees around us and we went in the only spot that was safe.

  2. Alabama- Angels Among Us..

    I believe in them. I believe that everyone has their own guardian angel whether it be a random soul or a family member who passed over. I believe in it all. That is a scary story. I don't think I have ever had a close encounter.

  3. I definitely do believe in "something". Not necessarily in the angels with wings version but SOMETHING out there, looking out for us.

  4. I definitely, whole heartedly do. Read about an encounter Mr. Cat had with one (possibly) here.

  5. I absolutely believe in angels. I lost my little niece in a car accident when she was not quite 8, right after Christmas in 2001. In early 2002, right after I went back to work, I was walking out to my car in a snowstorm, crying because I missed her. I will swear til my dying day that I FELT her run up to me and hug me. Shortly after that, I had a dream that her and I were walking on a beach and I told her I was sad because I missed her. She told me she missed me too, but it was okay because she was always with me. I really believe that she led me in the circumstances that caused me to meet my husband. :)


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