Saturday, August 2, 2008

I Need You!

So, next week Matt and I are attending a wedding. Or rather, Matt is in a wedding, I am attending...alone. I mean, Matt will be there, but I will be alone for the ceremony and at dinner. This has been stressing me out since Matt was asked to be the best man almost 9 months ago.

I think I have a dress, and I think I have shoes...but I need your advice.

Here is the dress I have:

That is, quite obviously, not me. Never in my life have I been that tan. It's physically impossible for me.

And here are my shoes:

I'm sorry the picture is tiny, I took a picture of me wearing them, but then I got self-conscious and didn't post it. Should I post it? Will that help you tell me if I look awful?

And I'm thinking I will wear a little sweater at the church. I don't really know this couple at all, I think they are pretty conservative though. Matt likes the outfit, but Matt also wears crocs, so I don't know if I trust him to be my fashion guru,
Is that an okay outfit for a wedding with people I don't really know?


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  2. I love it. You'll look gorgeous!!!

    I always stress like that too, my husband thankfully was only in one wedding without me. They didn't have a wedding party table, so that worked to my advantage too.

    Are any of the other grooms men's girlfriends/wives going solo too. Maybe you can meet up with one of them and you can be together while the BF/hubbies do their thing??

  3. first of all, you should totally post a pic of you IN the outfit. Much better at giving a true assessment. Secondly, I love the outfit, and since your not tanorexic, then I think you will look BETTER than the model. Seriously.

    And thirdly (because I don't have enough to say apparently), I think its so cute and funny that you and matt are attending/in a wedding so quickly after your own. Last summer it was like that with me and Mr. Cat. 3 weeks after ours, we flew to boston so he could be a groomsman in one of HIS groomsmen's wedding. Make sense?

  4. I think that dress is adorable and like the shoes too. Athough I liked the flats with it too.

    Definately wear a sweater in case you get chilly!

  5. i think you look beautiful in the dress. and i like the shoes.

  6. thanks for all your advice!

    haha matt. I know you do! thanks anyway.

    Kitty, I will try, but if it comes out with a typical "bekah face" im cropping out my head.

    Julie - not that i know of, but ill ask at the rehearsal dinner. Good thinking!

    this is why i need the blogosphere, there are smart women like you all out there!

  7. I think that dress is perfect. You're not showing any cleavage, but it's still cute. Bravo! And cute shoes too!

    But yeah, you should put your pic up of you in the dress, it helps give a more honest opinion!


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