Saturday, August 9, 2008

I.M. Awkward.

Just wanted to get that out there. I felt sightly out of place, and I think that I MAY have overcompensated a tad for that by being outgoing. I realized this when I caught myself explaining to my table WHY my camera smelled like bacon and offering them a sniff. AWKWARD.

But anyway, the wedding was lovely. Absolutely beautiful and so very "them." Ever since Megan told me about her dress I have been dying to see her in it. Tea-length! How adorable does it get?
As you can see she is pretty tall, he maintains that he is taller than her. Erm. Well since it is his day I'll just stop there.

This, my friends, this is a table of cookies. I ate two. And I took one home.
They had pictures of themselves through the years, and it was slightly unbelievable just how many pictures they have that are almost the same...

I mean...what are the odds that they both dressed up at Mickey or Minnie Mouse?

All week Matt had been stressing about his speech, but he ended up doing a wonderful job. I saw more than one person wiping tears from their eyes. But not me, oh no, I don't cry. Ahem. No.

And sorry about the girls head in the pictures...I felt bad asking her to move after I had just asked her if she wanted to smell my camera, so I just bit my tongue.
We matched pretty well. That was unplanned believe it or not. For some reason I thought his vest was lavender.
Oh, and thanks for the outfit advice! I took this picture just for you! I felt silly standing there all alone, I'm usually behind the camera, but after all the help you guys gave me I felt like you deserved it! If I could send you a cookie I would!


  1. Oh, Bekah! You looked Mah.Vah.Lousssss!!

  2. Repeat what Laura said! And you had guests SMELL your bacon scented camera?!?! RLMAO!!! Priceless.

  3. BeautEEmus!!
    The reception place looks so much like where my sister had her reception.

    Hmmmm bacon scented cameras, where did you get one?

  4. on family night we ended up burning some bacon, and the scent just hung on everything..including my camera and camera strap. so i told a bunch of strangers that...go figure

  5. That looked like a great wedding! You looked awesome in your dress and the shoes were perfect!

  6. Bekah, you looked BEAUTIFUL! Wow, hope you had a great time.


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