Thursday, August 28, 2008

Photo of the Day

About a month ago we saw this duck while walking through the pet store, we thought it would be adorable to see him running around with a duck and just had to get it.The thing quacks people. And go figure, his favorite time to play with it? About 2:00 AM. That's when the duck gets confiscated.


  1. Oh but that's why you love him...Cause he does all that crazy stuff.

  2. Oohhhh...poor Jaco...Leah has her "baby" which is a stuff squirrel with a squeaker inside. "Baby" never gets to come to bed with stinks and she likes to play with it at 2am...haha!

  3. thats true, i do love his crazyness, I even love when he plays with the duck, its a adorable, but not at 2!

    abd yeah..the duck smells too laura..and its always wet with drool. gag


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