Saturday, August 30, 2008

So Far...

I have shut my husbands hand in the car door, his pinkie nail is black...I'm a bad wife.

Jaco got lost, but then after several moments of panic we realized he was standing at the front door waiting to be let back inside. Probably should have looked there first...

Went to an amusement park, rode the carousel...I totally stole a ring. Yeah, that's right. I am a REBEL.

My camera battery died. Did I pack the charger? No! Stupid stupid stupid!

How are your weekends going?


  1. My husband is a home improvement nazi (ok not really, but he does go go go....) and its making me tired! But at least we finished painting the downstairs bathroom and getting another room all fixed up.

    Hope you have a good Sunday!

  2. My blog will tell you all about my terrible weekend so far...

    Let's just say, I'm glad it's a new day.

    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  3. I'm working all weekend so your weekend is going sooooo much better than mine is right now and I'm totally jealous! :)

  4. all three of the kids were crying at lunch yesterday...all for different reasons....hurricane Gustav is ruining our picnic plans for the day....i am bustin' booty and crankin' out tons of new earrings for a Christmas bazzaar at school in Nov....later i am going to make Gil reinstall the scanner to scan my new watercolors so i can ge prints made. hmmmm....that's it really....i sort of need to take a shower too, but that can wait, no one pops in here for visits so i am in the clear. happy weekend my fave lil blogger cousin!!

  5. I'm building fence, moving cattle and weaning calves. I'm sure I'll have tales to tell by the end of the long weekend!

  6. ha ha ha bekah you stole a ring?! is it pretty?

  7. We went to some picnics. I played some kickball and that pretty much wiped me out for the weekend. We also did some cleaning and did some repairs to our house..cleaned some cars...pretty boring.

  8. We had a mostly great weekend--

    when I was little, I accidently slammed my sisters hand in the car door, but my dad did not believe it was an accident, so he slammed my hand in the car door a bunch of times.

    He was a bad dad.


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