Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Weekend in Pictures

We headed back to the farm to do a little work.

Nothing makes me happier than physical labor. Obviously. No really, if I could I would be a landscaper. I love it, BUT I have a black thumb. No really, I killed a cactus y'all. A cactus. Cutting down a tree that was felled in the storm.
Well hello handsome! Would you look at that eye? Oh goodness. It's just too much for me!

Umm.....look. It was 3-D. I probably stood there for about 10 minutes.
And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse!

Now I am off to eat some Chinese and watch Van Damme kick some bootay.
OOOH YEAH! Left for dead. Burning for revenge. That's true poetry.

I just really relate to this movie, you know?


  1. I've never even heard of that movie. I like the bonnet, very cute.

    I've never had to do yard work, but I will in the new house. I hope I can do my yard justice!

  2. I can relate to the black thumb...I've killed a cactus too!

    I'm with Julie, the bonnet ROCKS!

  3. Hello handome? Hello gorgeous!! Look how cute you are! That is your pup! Ok so I comment before I read!? What kind of dog is the white one?? I have one that looks just like it!

  4. she isnt mine unfortunately. I tried to stuff her in the truck and take off with her before anyone saw, but it didnt work. She is my Nannas newest puppy. Her names is Lillie Belle, she is teh sweetest little thing. My dog was there as well, and this little girl bossed him around like she was his mother. Is was great!

    The big white one is s Dogo Argentino, her name is Mabel.

    And thanks!

  5. Wait.... Van Damme is still making movies? Huh. And super puffy heart that dog. Seriously

  6. unfortunately yes, he is. He had greying hair in this one. I think greying hair is attractive...but not on him. It did nothing for him. It was a BAD movie. Not even corny bad, just bad.


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