Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Whisper Down the Lane

Did you play this game when you were younger? You know, the one where someone starts a secret, then whispers it to the next person and it goes until the last person says it out loud to see if it gets there intact. I used to love that game, I totally cheated and changed whatever was whispered to me for the sake of comedy, but that is neither here nor there.

My family has a similar version of this game. Only it's not a game, and it's not funny. At least not at first. (I laugh, but I'm inappropriate so that doesn't count) We played on Tuesday a.k.a. yesterday.

First you need to know I call my mom every day, or she calls me, point is we talk pretty much every day. Tuesday was no different, we talked at lunch. About 10 minutes after I got off of the phone Matt called me. Another thing you need to know is that because Matt is a teacher he has off in the summers (lucky), this summer he is working as a temp. in the same factory where my step-dad, Tim, works.

Wow, confused yet? Okay, so Matt calls and says something along the lines of "Noel (my moms dog) jumped the fence and ran away. Ashley (my younger sister) had to go to work so she left but Noel was still gone, so your mom left work to go find her but she can't, so I am going to go pick up Everett(my younger brother) and he is going to stay at our place while your mom and Tim look for the dog."

You still with me? I know...confusing, I was lost at first as well. I had just talked my mom about 10 minutes before this, and nothing about the dog was mentioned. I asked Matt how he heard about this. He said Tim told him, and he(Matt) would keep me up to date on the situation.

I called my mom to get the real story. Are you ready for this?

Ashley left Noel outside (fenced in the yard), and my mom put the dog back inside on her lunch break.

That's it.

That's the whole story. I have no idea how Matt ended up thinking that he needed to pick up Everett, after all Everett is almost 19 years old so he can pretty much take care of himself in a hypothetical lost dog crisis.

Exhausting. I think that just about sums it up.

Chicken Little anyone?

The sky is falling, dog is missing, the sky is falling!


  1. Leave it to a boy to get something so easy so incredibly wrong. Ha!

  2. Holy crap that is confusing but funny as hell! LOL (oh and Whisper Down the Lane? I used to play but we called it "Telephone"!! LOL)

  3. That is funny. Boys can never get a story straight.

  4. your family must do a lot of "what the hell just happened?". It's super funny (for us) tho! :)

  5. That's pretty funny. Sounds like something my dad would come up with. I was on the train one time, and called my Dad to tell him that they'd stopped the train because a tunnel ahead was flooded and they were having all the passengers get onto a bus instead. I asked him to pick me up at this station so I wouldn't have to get on the bus. Later, I discovered that he told my mom I was trapped in a flooding tunnel. As such, she was afraid I was going to die.

    Also, my dad took my family out to listen to what he told us was going to be Bluegrass music. Turns out, it was just music played in a town called Blueridge.


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