Thursday, August 7, 2008

Would We Call That a Compliment?

I get veiled insults/compliments fairly often. You know the ones I mean...the ones that you smile and say thanks, but in your head you are thinking...huh?

For instance I had a man approach me and ask if I do any modeling. My thoughts immediately went to somewhere along the lines of ha, oh buddy. Seriously? Get a new line.

I informed him that no, I do not model.

He told me I should look into it, I have a decent face.

A decent face?

What? What does that even mean? Like...well, your face didn't make my eyes hurt, so, I don't know, maybe you have a chance with Vogue? I mean, is that a compliment? Or kind of an insult?

Or this one time, I was walking down the street and this guy said "Hello, my little chicken." That's not really relevant to the topic on hand, but.... what? When did chicken become a term of endearment? And why?

It boggles the mind.

Matt and I were talking recently about a book I was reading, but that I didn't think was particularly well written. I said that I thought the man who wrote it really had no idea what went on in the heads of women (AND he described a female character as "sturdy" with "thick thighs," which whatever, no big deal, some women could be called sturdy. He then went on in the description and said she was five feet seven inches tall and weighed 130. Seriously? Would we call that sturdy?) I said that if this guy can write a New York Times bestseller then so could I. Matt informed me that "a monkey could write a bestseller."


'Scuse me??? Who you callin' a monkey my friend?

Have you ever gotten a "compliment" that was more of an insult?


  1. seriously, why is spacing SO jacked up? One day everything is jammed together, and the next there are 5 spaces in between each sentence. Argh!

  2. Thanks for the comment bekah.
    Love your blog! Will be adding it to my list of "must reads".
    As for the compliment post, I have to agree, some compliments make you shake your head, maybe, just maybe they sounded funnier in the person's head, than when expressed outloud. Otherwise I cannot explain some of the things that have been said to me either.

  3. I'm still laughing at the "little chicken" remark. Who would SAY that to a girl?? Sheesh!

  4. I hate the "Oh, you have such a pretty face!" comment that's usually made about overweight girls. Ugh...that one just irks me to no end. As if that's the only part of me that's remotely attractive. Grrrr......

  5. "you have birthing hips" WTF??!! And that was said from a guy who had an insane crush on me at the time. Now, I'm paranoid about them. Argh!

  6. Bhahahaha Oh kitty I just spit diet coke all over my keyboard. oh lordy. men are so dumb.

  7. LOL

    People just don't think....
    They're missing some kind of filter!


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