Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your Favorite Things ALSO...I Want You To Have This!

UPDATED: Links are fixed, thanks for the heads up! I had no idea they weren't working!

Thank you to everyone who did "my favorite things" post and allowed us all to peek into your lives and check out your stuff! Here are more people that have posted their favorite things, so go check 'em out! (If you did it and I missed you let me know! I will add you ASAP)

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Thanks guys!!!! In honor of how much I LOVED! the favorite things posts, I have decided to share one of my very favorite things with you!

My undying love of Fiesta ware! And not only that, but my undying love of this particular COLOR of Fiesta ware.

Hello my darlin!

This, my friends, is a glorious color called peacock (it's actually a little more vibrant than it looks in the above picture). I cannot get enough of it. I have two place settings of it already (which brings my count of place settings up to 10, nevermind that there are only two chairs at my dining room table. I don't like to get caught up in details, you know?) The color is negotiable of course, if you hate blue but love yellow I can make that happen for ya!

So here is what I am offering. One new (just in case you were worried I would just send you dirty dishes) 5 piece peacock (or your choice) place-setting.

Here is what I need from you. Matt and I have come to the realization that we need new flatware (flatware is knives and forks and crap, right?), so leave a comment telling me what YOU use. Be it a brand, a recommendation, or you know...whatever. Maybe you eat with your fingers..that's okay here on Country Mouse. Maybe you use plastic utensils for every meal (naughty naughty! um...I mean...I'm not judging!). If you happen to now use forks or spoons just leave any ol' comment, that'll do the trick.

Spread the word out in blogland - you don't have to be a regular reader to enter or anything silly like that. I'm going to keep the giveaway open until Sunday night. (I know thats a long time, but I want everyone to get a chance to enter) and I will then pick the winner randomly.

Photo of the Day

This is my sister's dog, Snow White. Sure, she looks cute now, but you haven't met her. She loves people. People that aren't named Rebekah. Here is a brief list of things the used to belong to me that she has eaten(Emily, Snow White, and I shared an apartment for two years).

1. many tubes of lip gloss
2. 2 make-up brushes
3. my elephant slippers
4. countless pairs of underwear (I know, gross..but I'm just keepin' it real)

There are so many more but those things stand out to me. One other instance stands out to me as well...

I had job interview with a non-profit organization that I was really excited about. I laid out my outfit on my bed while I took a shower and got ready. By the time I came back into the room Snow White had POOPED on my interview pants!

Was she ashamed? Embarassed? Skulking around because she knew she would be in trouble??

NOOOOOO sirree! She was laying on my pillow smirking. If you think dogs can't smirk just check that picture one more time. Oh, they can smirk.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet Another Glaring Example of Why My Husband is THE Better Half

**I know, this was supposed to be the favorite things linky post, but...well...I got incredibly sidetracked by being insane last night. Sorry guys, I'll make it up to you! I swear! And that post will be up SOMETIME this week. Probably tomorrow, but I don't to make a promise that I might break...again.**

So last night was one of those nights where everything was just...awful. We had been away for the entire weekend, and when we got home and I surveyed the state of disarray that our place had fallen into, something kind of...snapped. I was so incredibly angry at my dirty clothes that were just sitting in the laundry basket...how dare they not clean themselves? The nerve! And that crap all over the table? Why doesn't it file itself? Is that really asking too much? Sheesh.

I was trying to clean and was beginning to get more and more upset, what I was doing was more like throwing things than cleaning. I get this feeling in my chest that is similar to what I think drowning must feel like. So tight and constricted. I'm sure that had I looked in the mirror I would have had seen my hair sticking straight up and my eyes bugging out of my head.

The more I cleaned the more agitated I became, and I think I may have gone completely insane at one point. I cleaned the entire apartment (sans closet), all the while feeling like my chest was being flattened by an incredible weight. There are so many things I want to do and be, but one thing I am NOT is a good homemaker. I try to be, but I forget things, and I get so scared that I'll just screw it all up. I'm scared to throw stuff away because I am afraid I will do it wrong. Seriously, that sounds REALLY stupid in type, but I get panicky. What if I clean house, throw a bunch of stuff away, and find out tomorrow that I needed it? Things are the things that make me want to pull out my hair and run screaming down the street.

Not really on the hair thing, because then I would just be bald AND crazy and Matt would make me change my name to Brittney.
I went into the bedroom and he just gave me a big hug, and as I tried to explain why I felt so suffocated and incapable he just kind of looked at me. He doesn't understand, he wants to, but heck - I don't even really understand sometimes. All I could get out in between my tears was that I suck. He doesn't approve when I say things like that about myself. I just couldn't explain it, you know? I looked up from the bed I was sitting on, and saw the dining room chair that he had pulled over to his desk so he could sit at his computer because, hello, this crap wife never got a chair for her husband because she doesn't like chairs with wheels.

I, I just, I'm so awful Matt I never even got you a chair!! I should have gotten you a chair, even if it had wheels!! I blubbered through my tears.

This is about a chair? You have been really busy, I never got me a chair either you know.

No please, don't make excuses for me! -- Seriously, I think at that point I flopped backwards onto the bed. I AM SO DRAMATIC. Gah.

Without a word he kissed me, got up, cleaned up the mail, then went and organized the closet. I kid you not. The man organized the closet. I just...I don't deserve him.

*Oh, and in case you were worried, I'm fine this morning. It was just one of those nights.

Photo of the Day

You gotta love those fair lightbulbs.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite Things

I have had SO much fun looking through your favorite things! I love that so many of you did it!!

On Monday I will post a complete list of the bloggers who have done it, so make sure you let me know!!! SO FAR I have found 7 blogs that have done it, in one form or another. So hurry up and let me know when you do it, then on Monday I will link to your blog from Country Mouse.

Mmmkay pumkin???


The weekend after Matt and I got engaged, we invited my sister and Brandon up to Matt's little town for the weekend. That town is the most adorable place I have ever seen, and it's really no wonder that Matt and I fell in love while wandering around it's tiny streets. But it is TINY (which is why I didn't move there once we got married, no work and no college) and pretty much everything closes by about 10:00 PM.

Except for one bar. And you know that is TROUBLE.

It's just a little bar, it only has barstools and two tables, and on that particular night there were around 50 people crammed into it, because hello, it was friday night and that was where the action was.

The bar is actually just to the right of that hotel. Oh, this is on St. Pattys day, hence the crowd, but the decorations are pretty much year-round.

Emily and I had both sent out our engagement rings to be resized, so our fingers were naked. Remember that, it becomes important later.

We all sat down at the bar and ordered a beer, then Brandon and Matt randomly decided to run down to the convenience store for cigarettes. Brandon doesn't smoke anymore, even then he only did when he was drinking -- in case you were concerned.

Which left Emily and I alone at the bar, in a room full of men and beer, in an Irish mining town. Before long an older (60ish?) man came up next to me, ordered a beer, and struck up a conversation with the two of us.

"Rough night?" He asked. Keep in mind that from what he could tell, we were two women alone at a bar full of men with two beers each.

"Haha no, no" we told him, "We're just waiting for our fiance's"

He looked at our (naked) ring fingers. "Uh-huh. Where you from?"


"Oh New York, I've been there."

"No, no, YORK."

"Yep, the ol' Big Apple"

"No. The ol' White Rose city. YORK."

"Where in New York?"

We gave up and just went with it. He told us that his name was Doc, he LOVES New York, but it's too big of a city for his tastes. He lived 'up the mountain'. By this time both Emily and I had finished not only our own beers, but the boys drinks as well. So we ordered four more, to replace ours and the guys.

So let's recap -- here are two young blondes, sitting in a bar full of Irish men, in a little mining town, with EIGHT beers in front of them now, talking about their imaginary fiance's, with no engagement rings in sight. That's good stuff.

This is why men should NEVER leave their women alone in a bar in a small mining town.

UPDATED: April asked "My question....did you finish the other beers as well? LOL"

Well, yes. There are oh-so-many more stories from that night...

Photo of the Day

Why do Carousel horses always look like they are in pain? Isn't that a kiddie ride?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cop A Feel

Let's talk about Breast Cancer. Or rather, let's talk about women's awareness of breast cancer. I don't know about you ladies but anytime I have had a breast exam I have had one of those 'oh yeah I'm supposed to check that every now and then' moments where I realize I never have, and wouldn't really know how to anyway, but am afraid to ask because then the Doctor will know I'm not doing them. Holy run-on sentence batman! If there happens to be any men reading this, I'm sorry, this one doesn't necessarily pertain to you, although you should also know what to be on the lookout (feelout?) for when it comes to breasts.

When I was 16 I found a lump in my left breast, but I didn't really know what to do about it. I waited for a week or so, then I went to the doctor about it, who then sent me for an ultrasound yeah that gel is WEIRD) because I was still too young and firm(why am I embarrassed as I type that?) for a mammogram. It turned out to just be a cyst that ended up going away on it's own, but the doctor told me I should be doing self-exams just in case. So now I do. When I got back to school my mom had to come into the office with me and sign an medical excuse form. She smiled at the receptionist and said 'she needed an ultrasound' and from their raised eyebrows I got the impression that they thought I was pregnant. Anyway....I'm off topic again aren't I?

I love this site, they really take into account that we haven't all gone to medical school and don't really know what we are doing.

So, basically, here it is :

You should give yourself these exams each month, and around roughly the same time every month. You can do it pretty much anywhere, even in the shower, which is convenient since your shirt is already off, but just for kicks, you should do it right now while you are reading this, that way you have done it once with the "instructions" right in front of you. It's so easy you will remember how after just doing it once. I don't care if you are at work, go ahead, feel yourself up! C'mon, everybody's doing it!

Using the tips/pads of your fingers feel your way around your ta-tas, make sure you are checking all the way up to your collarbone, and even down into your armpits. You are basically looking for anything abnormal, like lumps, inflammation, discharge, etc. Although...if your boobs are leaking and you didn't notice you MIGHT want to start paying just a tad more attention to your bod.

If you are one of the many women out there who happen to have very lumpy breasts you will have a harder time doing this self-exam. You should still do it, because there are differences between way the lumps feel and the way a "lump" would feel, the more aware you are, the better. Also, give up caffeine, that will (most likely) decrease your lumpiness. I don't know why, I'm sure your doctor could tell you the real reason though.

There! All done! See, that's so easy! And we are all a little more self-aware now.

Also if you just got busted feeling yourself up at work, sorry, but at least you know!

Did I miss anything? Any advice from anyone else out there in the blogosphere?

Photo(s) of the Day

Today my baby brother turns 19.

You know, the one that walked me down the aisle?

So big now!

Happy Birthday Everett!!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hmm. Interesting.

Many of you offered encouragement yesterday about the house. Many of you said that more than likely it is a good thing, some of you said that the kitchen in that house was ugly (Ahem) which is true. And you know what? I think you were right.

Big changes are in store, in a good way. That doesn't mean change doesn't scare me, I think you know(if you have been here reading for a while) that I am petrified of change. For example, here is the conversation we had the night we found out that the house wasn't happening...

Me: This sucks.

Matt: Yep. Nothing we can do. How was work today?

Me: Miserable. TWO people were crying today...that place is toxic.

Matt: So quit.

Me: Haha oookay.

Matt: ...

Me: What? Why are you staring at me? You gotta be kidding me, I can't quit!

Matt: Why not? It makes you miserable, and the building irritates your allergies. You can go full time to school, finish in a year or so, and get a job you love.

Me: Because I can't quit! We need the money.

Matt: For what?

Me: ...



The truth is -- we don't need the money. Especially since we won't be buying a house right now.

It kind of came down to this, follow my dream (finishing my Behavioral Sci. degree and working with people) or money. Which would make me happier and be better for us in the long run? I made a list of pros and cons (it's what I do! I HAVE TO WEIGH MY OPTIONS!).

I was pretty horrified to see that the ONLY con to quitting my job was having less spending money. When did money take over my life?

So I did. I turned in my two week notice. I won't actually be unemployed though, so I feel a little better. I will be typing legal transcripts from home.

I am so grateful that we are in the position to do this right now, and that this is not only what I want, but what my husband wants for me (seriously, I've said it before and I'll say it again, my husband is amazing, I have no idea how I got so lucky). But still...


Updated: I realized that some of you probably don't know that I currently go to school part-time at night. I will be able to enroll full time for classes in the spring semester. Since it will be full-time I probably have about a year and a half to two years(depends on when classes are offered, some of required classes are not offered every semester). Had I continued part time I would not graduate for around three years, maybe more.

Photo of the Day

Happy Longest Kiss Day!!!

I just love obscure holidays!

And holy crap! 17 DAYS??? I can't even imagine.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Town House, Frowny Mouse

Well the house fell though. Umm not literally, but I think you get my drift. So this Country Mouse is not a happy girl.

SOOOO link me something cheerful okay? Please? OOOH like your favorite things! Really though, when/if you decide to do the favorite things post link me, I'll create a post so that we can all go see each others! I know one person already did!! I can't wait to share them all!!!

...and not think about the house.

The Somersaulting Dog

Yesterday was a pretty rough day for me at work, more on that later.

Matt, being the wonderful amazing sweet person that he is treated me to my very favorite meal. Take-out chicken corn soup from the gas station down the street and a picnic at the park.

What can I say I am just THAT high-maintenance.

We had just sat down to eat our delicious meal when three little hoodlums whizzed by on their scooters.

One of the HIT MY DOG.

Yeah. He hit my puppy, my Jaco. Little punk. Jaco was leashed, so it's not like he was out running and got in their way, we were sitting under a pavilion and the kids just HAD to scoot through that instead of staying on the sidewalk where they belong.

Jaco flew in a somersault and promptly urinated all over himself. He then came cowering over to me and sat in my lap, which is what he automatically does when he is either scared or hurt. He was shaking for about 5 minutes until I shared some of my soup with him, then he forgot all about the scooter incident and decided he liked the park again.
But really, the kid was like..I don't know...8. Where were his parents? I was LIVID, and that little miscreant didn't even apologize. Accidents happen, I get that, really I do. Matt had to stop me from marching over to the kid and making him apologize to my dog. When did kids stop learning manners? (or rather, when did parents stop teaching manners?)
What if he had hurt my dog? Or worse...what if that had been a small child that he ran over?

Photo of the Day

Could there be anything more ridiculous than grippies on baby socks? CHANCES ARE the infant won't be tearing pell-mell around the house right? Better safe than sorry I suppose...

Monday, September 22, 2008

My Favorite Things

I find myself to be extremely interested when other bloggers post pictures of their belongings. I know that probably sounds pretty weird, but I think you can see a lot about the likes and personality of a person by their 'stuff' you know? So I've decided to give you guys a little look into my life through some of my stuff.

First off -- my Fiestaware. I LOVE it. I didn't register for any sort of china for our wedding, I just told my mom that if people ask just tell them to pick out their favorite color of Fiestaware for me. I love the colors, they compliment and highlight each other. I ended up with cabinets full of bright sunny dishes. Can a dish be sunny? Well, mine are.

Next up, my undying love of records. Real vinyl records. For Christmas last year Matt bought me a real record player, and something about the scratchy white noise takes slow-dancing in the living room up to the next level in romance.

Is there a better chick flick than Dirty Dancing? I just don't know. Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Be still my heart.

I scored this one for .99 at Salvation Army.
This was another find that same day, not in the best shape, but hello Jim Morrison!
I had a rough time getting a picture of this one in focus, must have been all the good vibrations! Heh get it? get it? Good Vibrations??
This one used to be my Pop-pop's. In fact, I had the wedding party dance to one of the songs from this record. "This guy's in love with you" is just one of the cutest songs. Matt and I dance to it quite often. (Have I mentioned how romantic Matthew is? I mean...REALLY romantic, I totally thought men like him were putting on a show, but nope he really is just THAT sweet. I'm getting sidetracked though, he does that to me!)
That is really only a small portion of my vinyl collection. Most of them are in rough shape, but I love them for it. That basket hold about half of them right now.

Lastly, my favorite place to curl up and read. I love this chair. It is huge. Don't let the picture fool you, I take up about half of it. It's just wonderful to sit with a cup of coffee and good book, or sit and listen to my records.
Will you share some of your favorite things with me? I would LOVE to see you post a list or (hopefully) some pictures of some of your favorite things. They don't even have to be things. If your favorite thing is a season that's okay too! I'm all about acceptance over here on Country Mouse. Leave me a comment with your some of your faves or link me to your blog where you post them! Come on, it'll be fun!

Photo of the Day

This little fella is trying to emulate Trump with the hair-do. Personally? I think he pulled it off much better.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dinner Talk and Hand Guns

Matt thinks he is getting one of these when we move into our new house.
My response? Absolutely not. There is no way I am having a handgun in my home. I just can't agree with it. It's not that the gun itself scares me, and I know Matt can handle a gun, the part that scares me is this -- WHAT IF our home does get broken into when we are not home? What if that gun gets stolen, then used on someone else? I don't think I could deal with that very well. As I said before, I grew up on a farm, so guns in the house are no new thing to me, but we wont be living in the country, we will be living in town. (Also he already has a .22 that I said he can have there IF he locks it up, but what he wants is a .45 so "they stay down" I'm not in agreement with that.)

We are compromising with another one of these...
...I don't know what kind yet, and we aren't getting one 'til we actually move in, but that is our 'compromise.' Jaco will LOVE it, playing with dogs it pretty high up on his favorite things to do list. Right next chewing on the wall.

We were discussing whether or not we needed a gun in our home over dinner at my moms house last night, when my sister had the brilliant suggestion to just have a stash of weed on hand to give to anyone trying to rob us. Just put it out like Halloween candy so they don't actually have to do any damage to the house to get what they want.

Look, I don't know how my family gets on half the topics we end up on, I really don't. We should probably be studied.

My nephew Branson chimed in at that point and asked incredulously "Why would you give them a Wii???"

It took us all a second to make the weed/Wii connection. I love how kids think!

How do you all weigh in on the guns/protection debate? Do you currently have any sort of security system set up? Would you be comfortable with a gun in your home?

Friday, September 19, 2008

The one that got away

There will always be that one. The one that got away, despite all your efforts. Regardless of the amount of time your put into shaping and molding that "one" into what you wanted, in the end you realize that you can never go back. You will never know what MIGHT have been.

That's the worst part isn't it? The "might have beens?" The thoughts in your head that circle around each other, one of which says 'it was never meant to be, it wasn't what was best for you' while the other one chants ' but it could have been' because you wanted it to be with all your heart. It's hard to look back and think of all the times you have lost something that you wanted so badly. You wanted it to be right so much that you were willing to overlook all the flaws, all the dirt.

Then there are the times when a smell wafts through your memories taking you back so vividly to that place, to that time when everything was promising and new, when there was still hope. But then you remember all too quickly, like a punch in the gut, the loss returns.

You have one too don't you? That ONE that you lost, the one that you really thought had potential? Can you picture that one right now?

I know I can. The memory is still so gut-wrenchingly clear, even after all this time.

There is always one that gets away.

Photo of the Day

We went to the fair on Sunday. I'm not kidding, I didn't do a single color boost or anything to this picture, it was just that incredible of a sunset.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday at work we received a memo that from now on internet use was going to be "strictly regulated" so you know what that means???? Well, just that I won't be around commenting on your blogs during work hours. Not even lunch I know, right?!?! Unbelievable! I really am bummed though, I love getting your comments throughout the day, you guys are the funniest part of this blog!

SOME NEW PEOPLE managed to do so much video streaming (I barely even know what that is) that they exceeded our band width, or whatever you call it. Seriously, my computer knowledge is lacking. I have worked there for well over a year and the issue of internet use never came up once, two weeks after two new people get hired and they have computer issues. I happen to know that BOTH of those people listened to youtube all. day. long. so no wonder, huh? But anyway, my point is, it might seem like I'm not commenting as much, surely you will understand that this is not by choice! As you all know I LOVE to leave my opinion on your pages whether you ask for it or not. That said, I also need my job...unless one of you wants to start paying my bills. Any takers? Anyone? Hello?? Is anyone there? Crap. Work it is.

My Thoughts Should Probably Be Left Unsaid

You probably don't even want to know how this post came into being, and to be honest I'm not even sure how this came up in conversation, but for whatever reason, Matthew and I were discussing breast milk last night.

Yeah, I know. Weird. Anyway...WHILE discussing breast milk I was getting some frozen yogurt and I had the awesome idea that SOMEONE should come up with breast milk ice cream. For babies. (I wish I didn't have to make that clear, but this is the Internet and this place is weird y'all). My thought was, wouldn't that be a nice little treat for a baby in the summer? Babies like ice cream right?
I liked it when I was a baby, my mom would offer it to me and laugh when I would make faces as it touched my gums, but I would go back for more every time. (Oh come on! Who hasn't watched a baby make funny faces from a lemon?! Same thing people!) Little did they know I was lactose intolerant, but that is really neither here nor there.

Okay, back on topic, breast milk ice cream. I figured I had really come up with some novel idea this time! This time, we were going to hit it rich with the first ever breast milk ice cream maker. Matt wasn't keen on the idea, in fact he thought it was gross. But really, what about freezing breast milk makes it any weirder than the fact that a child is supposed to get it's sustenance from my boob?

I got online to see if someone had already stolen my marvelous idea, and LO AND FREAKIN BEHOLD...Mother's Milk Ice Cream. But then I kept reading...um this is for PEOPLE! Like...not-your-own-baby people! And you thought I was weird! But I have to wonder...does it come in flavors? Does breast milk HAVE a flavor? (Just in case any of you were wondering, I have no intention of finding out for myself, I'm just curious!)

Also can we take a minute to reflect on the Mother's Milk logo??

Umm...yeah...that's just...well, I mean, it's so...blatant. As if they were worried someone might think "oh no, I'm sure they just mean Mother Earth!" No, no, to clear that up they threw in the nipples. What is this world coming to y'all? Other bloggers may be concerned with the political race, the economy, or human rights, but no me, NOOOO sirree, here on Country Mouse I'm giving it to you straight, bringing you all the newest news and pondering...why on earth does that logo have nipples?

I also found a forum about making breast milk ice cream! Ohhh you bet I did! One suggestion...eating hot fudge or chewing on a vanilla bean before pumping. (I really wish you could see me shaking my head, because a lot of this post seems lost without that).

I started to get scared when I found this horrifying website where you can buy Breast Milk Cheese. (that is in french, so if you don't read french don't bother clicking, sorry). Apparently it is manufactured on a farm? Like...a woman farm? Isn't that called a brothel?
I should stop now. But really, who knew you could do all that with a boob? Not me, that's who!

Photo of the Day

Ever since I first saw Last of the Mohicans I have tried to 'track' people by seeing if they have disturbed the moss...hasn't worked yet. I'll let you know how that works out for me.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

When Branson Met Matthew

***Just a quick disclaimer, some of you may have seen in reader, Blogger is publishing my scheduled photos of the day, so there are like...I dont know...three of them today? All with different dates. Sorry! Im not even sure how to fix that!***

Some of you may remember reading about my nephew, Branson. If you haven't heard of him, you can read a little about him here. Judging from that post I think it's safe to say he had a bit of a crush on me. Since Matt and I dated long distance, we had been together for a few weeks before the inevitable meeting of the two men vying for my affections.

I had told Branson that my 'friend' was coming over to the apartment for the weekend, and he just so happened to be there as well that weekend. The night that Matt was to arrive I was spending some time with Branson.

So I guess your friend is coming tonight, huh?

Yeah, I think you will like him, he likes to play with cars so you guys can play together.

(Look, I wanted them to get along! Matt had never played with cars since I'd known him.)
Where is he sleeping?

Um...well...THE COUCH?! (The kid was five! Who even asks that?! I was so flustered!)

You look different tonight Rebekah.

Oh? Different good or different bad?

Hmm...he looked me up and down...bad.

Photo of the Day

Subtlety is not really his 'thing', you know?

Photo of the Day

Tall trees should be one of the wonders of the world, have you ever just stood underneath one? They are amazing.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've Finally Met My Match

Can. not. open. teabag.
Please send help.

Country Mouse, Town House Q&A

I promise I'll post about something else tomorrow. I PROMISE! But there were some questions I wanted to answer in your comments yesterday!

How old is it, is it a craftsman style house? It is a 1920's tudor revival. I don't believe it is a craftsman style, mostly because its three (well 2.5) stories, while most craftsman are 1 or 1.5. It also does not have the open floor plan that most craftsman style homes have, although I wish it did, because the first floor feels chopped up to me. It DOES have the stained glass windows though, which were a huge selling point to me. They are GORGEOUS.

So when do you move? Due to our lease agreement at our apartment we had to give 60 days notice before vacating the apartment. So our closing date is November 7th. We have our apartment until November 14th, so we will use that time to scour the inside of the house (trust me, it needs it!) and then move our stuff over.

Is there room on the front porch for a porch swing? You bet it does! Actually there is one there already. Who knows if that will actually stay or if they will take it. Technically it is theirs, so I would assume it will go with them. The porch actually wraps around the right side of the house, you can't see it in the picture because of the random Poplar tree growing in the garden(unfortunately that tree will have to go, I'd like to keep it, but it is much too close to the house and would destroy the porch if it gets the chance to get much bigger.)

Now for the interior pictures......? Are you sure you really want to go there? REALLY?? Well, all I can give you is what is in the listing since we are not actually moved in just yet.

Holy sponge paint batman! Obviously this kitchen would need some work. Really, who pairs forest green and bright yellow? And could they have found a more awkward place to put a refrigerator?

I am not really sure why they would choose this angle for this room. The room is actually huge, but somehow they managed to make it look pretty small. The fireplace is not working right now, we are discussing the idea of a pellet stove insert. Do any of you have one? How do you like it?

While the previous owners had a questionable sense of decorating style, the house itself is pretty sound. We will find out just how sound when the inspector picks it apart next week, but we already know a great deal of what he will tell us...update your electric!! We know! We will! We promise! The house retains a lot of its original charm, the floors, the moldings, the windows(except one, which we are going to have a hard time matching AND its in the front of the house! Bah!)

Now I have a question for you...how does one get rid of the smell of cat urine? Yeah. They have three cats, and one unused litter box. We will undoubtedly be ripping up all the carpet, but you know how that cat urine odor lingers! Suggestions? Guidance? It is SO welcome! I have heard vinegar helps? Is this true? Any first hand experiences out there? I know some of you are cat-owners/lovers.

Photo of the Day

Do any of you know what kind of plant this is..or was? It was all dried up and the little orbs crunched under my fingers. That just shows you how very very delicate I am!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Country Mouse, Town House

Well, Matt and I have taken an official grown-up step into the world of homeownership. Actually, more like we have taken a headlong leap into that scary scary world. Who knew there was so much involved?? SHEESH!

We have looked at houses off and on for the past year, and up until now the timing and/or the home just wasn't quite right. We would get frightened of the enormity of the undertaking that is homeownership. We worried about money, we worried about how the stress of buying a home would affect our relationship. Basically, we beat ourselves up with worry, and quit looking.
Then Matt saw this home. I immediately thought...wow! But then saw the location. To me, it wasn't ideal. Mostly because it isn't country, and country is what I love. But to be realistic, there is no way we can afford to buy the home of our dreams on the land we want. At least not at this point!(realistically, probably not ever, but you never know)

Soooo anyway, we went to see the house with our very trustworthy realtor. No seriously, that guy is freakin' awesome. We have had some weird real estate agents before...including one who tried to convince us that a stand alone toilet in the KITCHEN was a selling point. Uh...no thanks. We made an offer on Saturday, and after over 30 hours of hearing nothing, during which we had convinced ourselves that we had not gotten the house, we finally heard back from our Realtor that they had accepted our offer with no counter offer.

The house is an older home in a historic district called The Avenues. It is definitely (right now) the worst home on the block. She needs some TLC, but fortunately for us, most of the repairs are cosmetic. Sanding floors and painting walls doesn't scare me in the least. I told Matt when we started looking that I would prefer to have a home that is not new construction so we could really make it our own and retain some character. This one...definitely NOT new construction! There are a few big repairs we will need to make right away...we need to update the electric, as well as repoint the brickwork. Oh yeah, country mouse is going to try her hand at some minor masonry! I'm sure you will get to see that debacle unfold on here. So stick around! That should be fun (for you).

AND NOW...without further ado...I give you...COUNTRY MOUSE MANOR.
Cute right? Do you see some potential there??? (Please say yes!!)

We close on November 7th, then the move-in and renovation will begin. Be honest with me right now...are you interested in post about home changes? I don't mean that I'll put up a picture of every new glass we buy, but post with before and afters...do those interest you or not? I don't want to drive you away with house junk, but at the same time it is going to be occupying a large portion of my time, and I am kind of sort of hoping that MAYBE I can turn to all of your wise opinions on things like...wall color, kitchen appliances, decorating, etc.

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