Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cop A Feel

Let's talk about Breast Cancer. Or rather, let's talk about women's awareness of breast cancer. I don't know about you ladies but anytime I have had a breast exam I have had one of those 'oh yeah I'm supposed to check that every now and then' moments where I realize I never have, and wouldn't really know how to anyway, but am afraid to ask because then the Doctor will know I'm not doing them. Holy run-on sentence batman! If there happens to be any men reading this, I'm sorry, this one doesn't necessarily pertain to you, although you should also know what to be on the lookout (feelout?) for when it comes to breasts.

When I was 16 I found a lump in my left breast, but I didn't really know what to do about it. I waited for a week or so, then I went to the doctor about it, who then sent me for an ultrasound yeah that gel is WEIRD) because I was still too young and firm(why am I embarrassed as I type that?) for a mammogram. It turned out to just be a cyst that ended up going away on it's own, but the doctor told me I should be doing self-exams just in case. So now I do. When I got back to school my mom had to come into the office with me and sign an medical excuse form. She smiled at the receptionist and said 'she needed an ultrasound' and from their raised eyebrows I got the impression that they thought I was pregnant. Anyway....I'm off topic again aren't I?

I love this site, they really take into account that we haven't all gone to medical school and don't really know what we are doing.

So, basically, here it is :

You should give yourself these exams each month, and around roughly the same time every month. You can do it pretty much anywhere, even in the shower, which is convenient since your shirt is already off, but just for kicks, you should do it right now while you are reading this, that way you have done it once with the "instructions" right in front of you. It's so easy you will remember how after just doing it once. I don't care if you are at work, go ahead, feel yourself up! C'mon, everybody's doing it!

Using the tips/pads of your fingers feel your way around your ta-tas, make sure you are checking all the way up to your collarbone, and even down into your armpits. You are basically looking for anything abnormal, like lumps, inflammation, discharge, etc. Although...if your boobs are leaking and you didn't notice you MIGHT want to start paying just a tad more attention to your bod.

If you are one of the many women out there who happen to have very lumpy breasts you will have a harder time doing this self-exam. You should still do it, because there are differences between way the lumps feel and the way a "lump" would feel, the more aware you are, the better. Also, give up caffeine, that will (most likely) decrease your lumpiness. I don't know why, I'm sure your doctor could tell you the real reason though.

There! All done! See, that's so easy! And we are all a little more self-aware now.

Also if you just got busted feeling yourself up at work, sorry, but at least you know!

Did I miss anything? Any advice from anyone else out there in the blogosphere?


  1. Good lesson--my secretary just got diagnosed and turns out she knew there was a lump for TWO YEARS! Thank God she is going to be okay.

  2. Yeah - I guess we should all cop a feel on a regular basis!

  3. My only words of advice are just to go. Think something is funny, GO. Don't wait. I have a friend whose sister has stage three breast cancer. She has three little little kids and honestly may not make it. She is only 36. So young and so so scary.

  4. I never check either. And I should... I still feel invincible. My first lump was when I was 19 (I had one in each breast) had surgery on both breasts. Then again when I was 24 right before I got married (surgery again). All three lumps were malignant. I will tomorrow morning in the shower, just becuase you asked. I would do it now but a student may walk in. hahahaha!

  5. I am the same way. I never check. Tisk, tisk. During each yearly check up, I always get the same lecture from the doctor to do routine exams. The husband says, "Don't worry, I'll examine them for ya." Isn't he sweet.

  6. Great informative post Girl! I had a cyst once as well. I had to have a mommagram! Believe me I would WAY prefer the icky gel!

  7. Thank you for the reminder. I wax and wane on remembering to do this, but I have to get better about some consistency.

  8. Thanks for reminding me, with all the stuff happening with the hubby I have been putting it off. This is the 3rd time something has either been posted, or advertised. Do you think that I am being told to get my butt over there and make the appointment? I do, and I will make it right now!

  9. I sometimes...*Gulp*...lie to my doctor that I've been checking when I really haven't. It's HORRIBLE, I know! I gotta do self-checks more. Oh crap, I'm lying again.I gotta do self checks at ALL, since I don't. *Sigh*


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