Sunday, September 21, 2008

Dinner Talk and Hand Guns

Matt thinks he is getting one of these when we move into our new house.
My response? Absolutely not. There is no way I am having a handgun in my home. I just can't agree with it. It's not that the gun itself scares me, and I know Matt can handle a gun, the part that scares me is this -- WHAT IF our home does get broken into when we are not home? What if that gun gets stolen, then used on someone else? I don't think I could deal with that very well. As I said before, I grew up on a farm, so guns in the house are no new thing to me, but we wont be living in the country, we will be living in town. (Also he already has a .22 that I said he can have there IF he locks it up, but what he wants is a .45 so "they stay down" I'm not in agreement with that.)

We are compromising with another one of these...
...I don't know what kind yet, and we aren't getting one 'til we actually move in, but that is our 'compromise.' Jaco will LOVE it, playing with dogs it pretty high up on his favorite things to do list. Right next chewing on the wall.

We were discussing whether or not we needed a gun in our home over dinner at my moms house last night, when my sister had the brilliant suggestion to just have a stash of weed on hand to give to anyone trying to rob us. Just put it out like Halloween candy so they don't actually have to do any damage to the house to get what they want.

Look, I don't know how my family gets on half the topics we end up on, I really don't. We should probably be studied.

My nephew Branson chimed in at that point and asked incredulously "Why would you give them a Wii???"

It took us all a second to make the weed/Wii connection. I love how kids think!

How do you all weigh in on the guns/protection debate? Do you currently have any sort of security system set up? Would you be comfortable with a gun in your home?


  1. There is a handgun in our house, but honestly, I've practically forgotten we have one because it is locked away high somewhere, with a trigger lock on it, as well, and it hasn't been taken down off the shelf or out of it's locked container 10 years? At least that long.

    So, I guess, in a roundabout fashion, it doesn't bother me that there is one in the house. We've never made mention to our children that there is one here, and they aren't prone to 'snooping around,' so I feel reasonably safe that they aren't looking for it, nor mentioning it to their friends, who may be inclined to be snoopers.

    I'll admit to sometimes feeling less-than-safe when I'm here nights alone or with just the kids, but that's more the result of my own paranoia and not because we live in an unsafe environment. Also, for the most part, we live on a street with neighbors who are reasonably aware if there are strange or "not usual" people around, so that helps.

  2. I live in Texas so of course I have guns in my house! LOL

    We have a couple handguns as well as several rifles. I never even think about them really. One rifle is right behind the front door. We use it to shoot at the coyotes. But we don't have kids and rarely, if ever, have any children at our home.

  3. This is always an interesting discussion to have.

    Mr. C hunts, so he has quite a few guns. They are locked up in a gun safe normally, but he does keep his handgun underneath the bed and brings it with him when he leaves the house. (He has a permit to carry) I also bought him a .44 for his birthday last year that is his 'backup' when he forgets his hadngun at the lake.

    Mr. C quizzes me regularly on how to use his handgun, and I've shot it before. There are some nights when I'm home alone (in the middle of nowhere) when it makes me feel a little better knowing that if I had to, I would have protection.

    That being said, if we ever had kids, the whole gun situation would have to change.

    Growing up, my dad had a gun that I only saw once. We knew he kept it somewhere in his closet, but we also knew that just knowing where the gun was would get us in serious trouble.

  4. I have one of the first and two of the second picture (with a mutt thrown in there) of those pictures in my house.

    Our gun has a key lock on the trigger which means I am screwed should I ever need to use it and can't find the key.

    The others have a deep love of treats which means that I am screwed should anyone ever case my house.

    I love my ADT system which means that I am awake and aware the minute they come through my door at the same time that I am searching for the key and they are searching for me or the treats.

  5. We do not have them, they scare the hell out of me which I guess is no wonder, considering my job.

    I think we need something for the coyotes though and we have been talking about it

    We have ADT, but never use it as we have too many false alarms and the cops get mad about that. Plus, with three Great Danes, if you are stupid enough to come in my house--no ADT system would keep you out anyway.

    I am home a lot alone, but I honestly never worry about it.

    I also do not worry about being robbed- I dont even lock my doors. Stuff can be replaced.

  6. Hmm, it seems everyone is really getting into a discussion with their comments, which I will try to avoid.

    We have 3 guns in our house. I grew up in a hunting family and consider myself very familiar with guns and fire them several times throughout the year. That being said, I'm going to contradict my stance, by saying I hate handguns. I have an actual loathing towards them truth be told, so I completely understand your not wanting one.

  7. I literally grew up at the rifle range, my Dad was one of it's founding members, so we were always there. He is a avid hunter, outdoorsman, and we were taught gun safety early on in life. And all of our guns are registered. That said, remember we are Canadian. We probably have very different gun laws here.
    The thought of having a handgun in our place would be a little worrisome.

  8. Goodness! I come from England and we are not allowed to have handguns - thank goodness! I'm one of those anti-gun people, I'm afraid. Can't bear the thought of people using it on others, of kids taking guns to school, of a robber using my own gun against me.

    Here in Sweden, people go hunting, take hunting exams, and then have to get a permit to have a rifle at home. Said rifle must then be locked up in a gun safe, with the bullets out... I even find that scary...

  9. I am with you on this one. We live in the country and we don't lock any doors. House or cars. I mean we just dont have to. But lately there has just been some crazy shit going on in town. Three weeks ago, middle of the night at walmart, there was an attempted robbery in the parking lot. Well thankfully the victim had a gun, permit and all and when the robber went to shoot him he ducked under his car and shot the robber in the leg! He was lucky. If he didnt have that gun, he'd be dead. Then just last week, broad daylight a guy was in town MIDDLE OF THE DAY 12 cars back from a red light and a guy came up to his car and robbed him at knife traffic...heavy area. So we are even considering getting a carrying permit. I mean its just not safe anymore. But for me, I think if it really came down to it, I dont think Id be able to attempt to even use a gun to protect myself. I hate them and they scare me. But at the same time, you have to protect yourself.

  10. My parents always had multiple guns in the house and I had a healthy respect for them. They taught me well in that department.

    But as far as one in my home, I don't know. I think I changed my mind when recently someone in my BIL crappy neighborhood decided to put up a sign in his front yard that read "If you come in here, I will shoot". Or something like that. Well in a matter of weeks, he got robbed and they stole his gun. Great.

    So I'm rethinking.

    And your family cracks me up!


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