Friday, September 26, 2008


The weekend after Matt and I got engaged, we invited my sister and Brandon up to Matt's little town for the weekend. That town is the most adorable place I have ever seen, and it's really no wonder that Matt and I fell in love while wandering around it's tiny streets. But it is TINY (which is why I didn't move there once we got married, no work and no college) and pretty much everything closes by about 10:00 PM.

Except for one bar. And you know that is TROUBLE.

It's just a little bar, it only has barstools and two tables, and on that particular night there were around 50 people crammed into it, because hello, it was friday night and that was where the action was.

The bar is actually just to the right of that hotel. Oh, this is on St. Pattys day, hence the crowd, but the decorations are pretty much year-round.

Emily and I had both sent out our engagement rings to be resized, so our fingers were naked. Remember that, it becomes important later.

We all sat down at the bar and ordered a beer, then Brandon and Matt randomly decided to run down to the convenience store for cigarettes. Brandon doesn't smoke anymore, even then he only did when he was drinking -- in case you were concerned.

Which left Emily and I alone at the bar, in a room full of men and beer, in an Irish mining town. Before long an older (60ish?) man came up next to me, ordered a beer, and struck up a conversation with the two of us.

"Rough night?" He asked. Keep in mind that from what he could tell, we were two women alone at a bar full of men with two beers each.

"Haha no, no" we told him, "We're just waiting for our fiance's"

He looked at our (naked) ring fingers. "Uh-huh. Where you from?"


"Oh New York, I've been there."

"No, no, YORK."

"Yep, the ol' Big Apple"

"No. The ol' White Rose city. YORK."

"Where in New York?"

We gave up and just went with it. He told us that his name was Doc, he LOVES New York, but it's too big of a city for his tastes. He lived 'up the mountain'. By this time both Emily and I had finished not only our own beers, but the boys drinks as well. So we ordered four more, to replace ours and the guys.

So let's recap -- here are two young blondes, sitting in a bar full of Irish men, in a little mining town, with EIGHT beers in front of them now, talking about their imaginary fiance's, with no engagement rings in sight. That's good stuff.

This is why men should NEVER leave their women alone in a bar in a small mining town.

UPDATED: April asked "My question....did you finish the other beers as well? LOL"

Well, yes. There are oh-so-many more stories from that night...


  1. 1. - The glimpses of that town makes me think how beautiful it must be!

    2. - The Irish are wiley. I congratulate you for staying strong against the charms!

  2. Now see, I would have played that differently--I would have had ol Doc springing for the beers. And every time I wanted another one, I would have sent my man packing so I could get more without having to spring for it myself.

    I am tricky like that!

  3. Wow, that's a great looking town. Very interesting. It looks like a town I'd love to walk through!

    I agree that the Irish are a little pushy. I'm impressed that you didn't fall for the 60 year old's charms! Hee hee.

  4. My question....did you finish the other beers as well? LOL

  5. That little town looks just like all the small mining towns that you can find in the north of England! Made me a little homesick, in fact...

  6. Sounds like he had several beers too(before he saw his "prey") Although he pprobably wouldn't have cared if you had rings on being as you were from "New York!" What a beautiful town!

  7. Your touches are beautiful, and your porch looks so cozy.


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