Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Doom, Despair, and Agony on Me, Deep Dark Depression, Excessive Misery.

Doldrums: A state of listlessness or despondency.

I'd say that pretty much sums up my week so far, and since it's only Tuesday I need to snap out of it. The week started out with so much promise and potential, and by yesterday evening it was pretty much shot to H-E-double hockey sticks. This is no one's fault, it's just so frustrating that there are things in this world that are out of my control. How dare they not bend to the will of a 23 year-old nobody from PA?? The nerve! Most of it I either can't share on here, or I'm not completely ready to do so.

This probably has a great deal to do with my doldrums this morning...

A few tstorms.

Cloudy. 79º / 62º

I don't know where they get off saying "a few t-storms" because I got soaked from the waist down walking from the parking lot to the building this morning. Yeah, that could be a big part of my present blues come to think of it.

What do you do to help yourself get out of a mood like this? Ideally I would curl up in bed with a book while the rain pelted my window...since I am not at home, and curling up in my chair is frowned upon here at work, I'd like some suggestions on how to snap myself out of this. 24 oz. of coffee was my first option, now I am moody AND jittery...gosh I'm such a peach right now!!

(Oh, don't take that title too seriously...I'm not THAT down, just, ya know, having a day like this kid. Remember this book? Gosh I love kids books, I think I feel better already. That Alexander!)

So my friends, can any of you think of a way to reach through my screen, take me by the shoulders, and shake the blues right out of me?


  1. I too love children's books and that's one of my favorites! I'd go find a piece of pie or cake for lunch...

  2. Yuck. Those days TOTALLY suck and I can relate. I too turn to yummy coffee. But since that has not helped thus far, perhaps chocolate? Chocolate makes EVERYTHING better some days....I hope it starts to look up for you soon!

  3. A nice lunch--somewhere you never go, but really love, and treat yourself to dessert you never eat.

    And then a bubble bath after work.

    Pissy weather always does me in too

    Hang in there

  4. You need to go over to a friend's blog and look at his baby's picture. Jonathan was having a bad day too. His face is priceless. It will make you feel better.


  5. oh that baby! you guys gotta go check out the link in the wifes comment!

    and thanks for your great advice everyone!! keep it comin!

  6. Bekah! I think you need a little visit to the rally monkey... http://www.rallymonkey.com/oldvideo.php

    Hang in there! I has been raining literally every day for five weeks here in England, so I know how you're feeling. Eat some mac and cheese and indulge yourself today, whatever gets you through it.

    Thinking of you! (And will be posting more about DIY weddings soon so will need your input, lady!) Jen xx

  7. I feel the same way. It's definately the weather today. Just sucks.

  8. maybe this will cheer you up a little?

    i remember the day that i met you
    sweet smile, foreign eyes like the waves
    but i went away

    and i remember that cold december day, that turned to a cold december night
    hair was different, sweet smile still the same
    i know you don't believe me but i thought i might

    i remember that day in june
    you and i to the city by noon
    lost by the train but holding each other still the same
    and neither of us knew

    i will always remember that day
    you and i walking down the isle
    about to walk so many miles but never away

  9. fellow bloggers, may i turn your attention to the comment above?

    meet my husband, matthew. I dont deserve him, but im sure glad i have him!

  10. well, i carry a flask...it helps. ;)

  11. Um, HOLY CRAP BEKAH. Is that actually seriously your hubby, and did he actually just write that? I think we might have found our new DomestiGals crush... :-)

  12. demestigals - I KNOW RIGHT? he wrote it for our wedding. It parallels our story so perfectly. I seriously STILL have no idea how I got so blessed with him.

    haha he can be your new domestigals crush...Im sure he would be very flattered. haha

  13. If I could reach through the screen I would give you a big hug, a chocolate bar, a bottle of wine....and the day off. You know, so you can go home, eat chocolate, drink wine and curl up and read. :) But, since I cant do that....You will have to hug yourself, buy yourself some choc and wine and try to get out of work early. :) Then when you get home, have DF give you a great big hug.

  14. I hope your day got better! Either way, you're probably far away from work now and hopefully curled up reading your book!

    I hate days like that. All blah.

  15. i LOVE that book! and i HATE those kinda days. hope it gets better soon!

  16. Just got back from England where it has been raining non-stop for weeks and weeks and weeks...

    Things to do to cheer yourself up:
    - Go to YouTube and watch something funny.
    - Light candles
    - Eat chocolate
    - Eat more chocolate
    - Read a funny book
    - If you can't beat the rain, join it. Buy a colourful umbrella and splash in puddles! Great fun.
    - See if you can catch raindrops in your mouth.
    - Run naked in the rain. (Might be a bit difficult at work).
    - Say you're feeling sick. Go home, light candles, and read a good book in the bath.
    - Did I mention the beneficial effects of chocolate?

  17. Awh, Matt's totally a keeper. I hope you feel better about everything soon. I wanna reach out and hug ya. So go ahead and hug your husband. I find my husband's hugs are the best.

    And as far as sharing. Just share what you want. But if you want to share more and are afraid of those who truly know you (real life), then I suggest using a password protect post for such an occasion. I find venting freeing.


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