Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorite Things

I have had SO much fun looking through your favorite things! I love that so many of you did it!!

On Monday I will post a complete list of the bloggers who have done it, so make sure you let me know!!! SO FAR I have found 7 blogs that have done it, in one form or another. So hurry up and let me know when you do it, then on Monday I will link to your blog from Country Mouse.

Mmmkay pumkin???


  1. I did it, on Thursday. I can not remember if I told you that or not. Thanks for your entry in my photo contest this week.

  2. Oh - I'll have to hurry... is that Monday your time or my time?

  3. Hey Bekah, you did see mine, did you not? Add Bootsie to my favorite things.


  4. shi-ite. i totally forgot to do this. ill let you know once i get around to it! lol


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