Saturday, September 6, 2008

Going Green

It seems like the newest trend (yes, I called it a trend, if celebrities are selling it, it is a trend) is going green. This is not a bad thing, even Matt and I have made some simple switches to be a little more environment friendly.

I've always been a little bit of a flower child, if that makes any sense. Nature appeals to me, and I like natural things. I think there is a great deal to be said for herbal treatments for health issues in conjunction with modern medicine.

We use(when we remember them) reusable grocery bags instead of the plastic ones. We buy recycled stuff. We buy organic...SOME TIMES. Seriously, some of that crap is expensive. Sorry, it is. We are in the process of switching out lightbulbs. You know, the simple stuff. But it does raise some questions for me. How far will this go?

How far are you willing to go to be "green"?

Did you know that some people have switched to reusable toilet paper? Oh yes my friends, REUSABLE TOILET PAPER. For your grown-up hiney. They use dry wipes for #1, and wet wipes for #2, then throw them in a bag next to the toilet to be laundered. There are several reasons I don't think I could do this. 1. I am one of those people that doesn't "look" if you know what I mean. So I don't want to be forced to fold up my used toilet wipe and place it in a bag with OTHER used toilet wipes. 2. I refuse to wash my clothes in a washer that washes my husbands poop out of the toilet wipes. Sorry. No. Could you go there?

Another line I'm not sure I can cross. Reusable feminine products. The Diva Cup, hemp pads, etc. Do any of you have any experience with any of these products? Care to share what you have found? I am curious!

What about reusable tissues? Simply wash and refold. This one I could probably handle, as long a no one else is using MY TISSUE. Sort of like a handkerchief. Call me selfish but I just don't want to share my snot-rag you know?

Compost? Do you compost? If I didn't live in an apartment I would try this..but right now this is just not possible. I doubt my neighbors would appreciate my banana peels in a bucket on the porch.

I saw this recently. The Fab Tree Hab. I have always wanted to live in a tree house, but I'm not completely convinced that this is a realistic option to any normal person. Point in fact, the creator of the Fab Tree Hab lives in New York City. Not in a tree. Would we call that green?
The ideas behind it are definitely cool, you reuse rainwater, all 100% recycled material, etc. But is it realistic? Probably not.

On the topic of houses though, I LOVE that people are beginning to see the light that is bamboo. I heart bamboo big time. It's sustainable AND it. is. gorgeous. I first fell in love with bamboo when I spent some time in Thailand. The village homes were roughly made from bamboo. Just the bamboo stalks laid side by side about 10 feet up in the air. I was sure that there was no way in H-E-double hockey sticks that it would hold the weight of a cat, much less a human. Boy-oh-boy was I ever mistaken. We had around 15 people in there and it was just fine. This stuff it strong folks. Like a good man. Strong, durable, but he can be soft when you need him to be.Seriously? You can't tell me that is not beautiful. You can also choose bamboo counter tops, butcher block, furniture, the options are endless. Come over to the bamboo side my friends.

How do you feel about the trend that is "going green"? How far are you willing to go? Have you seen anything else that is "out there" in the environmentally friendly realm?

I have a pretty crazy weekend, so I'm most likely not going to post again 'til Monday. I'll keep this up until then so tell me how you are going green, how you feel about going green, if you hate green, what's the craziest eco-friendly idea you have come across?


  1. i'm working my way over to the 'green' side. i buy 'green' cleaning products, paper products (no reusable t.p. for me, but i do buy the kind made from recycled materials), i try to buy organic when possible, we're switching light bulbs, all the usual.

    i think the hardest part is breaking bad habits like not being vigilant about recycling, etc., so i just try to work on the bad habits one at a time...

  2. Over here in Sweden, where I live, there are plenty of houses made out of recycled materials... seems to work...

    Also / part of going green means saving water. Everyone should have loos (that#s british for toilets) with two flushes.. a big flush for the big jobs, and a smaller one that uses less water for number 1 jobs.

    Oh and that brings me round to> REUSABLE TOILET PAPER... WHY??? That#s totally crazy when you can buy recycled toilet paper / that is loo paper made out of paper that has already been used, and then recycled. After all, having to wash everything uses up lots of water.. not to mention the fact, that whatever has gone down the loo, should stay there. I certainly dont want to have to deal with it again!

    Bamboo / that is defintitely a material for the future and very green. It's strong .. in China it is used as scaffolding. It#s beautiful on floors or as furniture. And did you know that it can be made into clothing too?

    We recycle all our plastic packaging and the paper cartons that milk and yoghurt come in. And our old newspapers too. Just think / we are probably getting it all back in the form of recycled loo paper!

    Over in the UK (where I come from) you can even buy funky sandals and shoes made out of .. wait for it ... car tyres.

  3. *GAG* Reussable toilet paper, feminine products and tissues? Nope, not for me.

    Daryl and I have almost switched over completely with our light bulbs. I'm not very green, I admit, but I want to try more. Oh and bamboo is beautiful! I agree!

  4. I recycle like a maniac, I have a stack of reusable grocery bags in my car for every trip to a store I make, I try to buy products that aren't over-packaged, but I draw the line at reusable toilet paper. I can't even fathom. There's just no, no way.

    Also, I get a 5 cent discount on my grocery bill for using reusable bags. I don't think there's enough of a discount that could be applied to the toilet paper thing! Blech!

  5. Certainly not green enough to re-use my toilet paper. But have for years used green household cleansers.
    Hey Bekah, I just read all your older posts, and did not realize that you are a NEW newly wed. Congats! My eyes are bugging out now from reading so many blog posts but it was well worth it.

  6. Sorry enviro people, but going green has not been on my priority list. I guess I'm not very earth friendly! And my cows are producing a lot of hazardous gas for the atmosphere too! Don't know how to keep them suckers from belchin'! LOL

  7. I'm all for saving the environment. But those new lightbulbs? Are a bad idea. There was a news story about a woman who broke one of the lightbulbs (that contain MERCURY) in her house, so she did what you're supposed to do and called the HAZMAT team. $3000 later, that one little light bulb was cleaned up. Now I can't imagine the number of light bulbs that will be thrown away in a regular trash can and end up in a landfill, where the bulb will eventually break and mercury will leak into the earth. I guess we'll find out soon enough what so much mercury will do to the area around the landfills.

    Sorry for the rant! :)

  8. Oops. I signed the last comment with my other blog, but you know it's me right?

  9. NO WAY!! I am not recycling bathroom Products! NO way! Lady Fi has a great point! Water consevation! We went to Rocky Point one year and were'nt able to flush the tp in the toilet, that was bad enough,wahshing it nope not gonna go that green!

  10. Libby - I really like the recycled option too!

    Lady Fi - Its funny you should mention that, when matt and I were in spain we thought it was ridiculous that the US didnt have the less water for flushing option. That would cut down on an INCREDIBLE amount of water every day.

    April - Yeah Im thinking there is no way I could switch to the reusuable girly products.

    Different Girl - You get a discout?! I wonder if our grocery store does that! thats really cool!

    Muddy Boot Dreams - Haha Im glad you liked them! And Im flattered that you would take the time to do so! I forgot about the green cleaning products! Very cool!

    The Wife - Haha I dont think anyone could blame you for not being able to control that!

    Jen - Holy Poo! I never knew that!

    Train Wreck - Yeah I spent some time in a place that couldnt flush toilet paper...bleck I agree with you...its just too much

  11. BTW - There are several options for recycling the new lightbulbs. Even Home Depot has a program in place.

  12. Another tip, BTW, is to eat products produced close to home / in order to reduce the carbon emissions produced by transporting or flying exotic fruit and veg from around the world.

    Also / read somewhere that you can save thousands of gallons of water by peeing just once a day in the shower / near the drainage thingy, of course...

    And you all recycle your used cartons, plastics and newspapers, right?

  13. Those new light bulbs make my head hurt. BAD. So other than that, I am trying to go green. Paper straws, reusable grocery bags, etc. Reusable toilet paper wastes too much water. Or something. Ewwww....

  14. Hey Bekah! This is such a great post. I totally agree with you on basically every point - I try my best to do the everyday things that can add up and make a big difference but am not one to go to extremes. In the ladies' restroom at our local Ikea there are ads for the enviro-friendly feminine products and I just can't even look anymore. LOVE the bamboo - when we own our own house someday I will definitely be sure to use it. It is gorgeous!

    Since I am planning my wedding, I have a whole host of other "green" issues... greening a wedding is a real challenge. And I am torn about it in a lot of ways, frankly. Did you guys make any green efforts for your wedding?

    xo! jen

  15. That is soooooo WRONG! Re-useable toilet paper and feminine products??!! N.A.S.T.Y.!

    But we are a big recycled home here. We have two, and are thinking about getting a third, recycling bin. We also are going to buy a hybrid by the end of the year, have many "green" light bulbs, and we have plans to get solar panels for the house.

    I just asked my husband if we should get a compost. His response? "that sounds stinky and messy" Guess that's out.

    Oh and I'm beginning to see the light. Thanks for the bamboo talk!


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