Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hmm. Interesting.

Many of you offered encouragement yesterday about the house. Many of you said that more than likely it is a good thing, some of you said that the kitchen in that house was ugly (Ahem) which is true. And you know what? I think you were right.

Big changes are in store, in a good way. That doesn't mean change doesn't scare me, I think you know(if you have been here reading for a while) that I am petrified of change. For example, here is the conversation we had the night we found out that the house wasn't happening...

Me: This sucks.

Matt: Yep. Nothing we can do. How was work today?

Me: Miserable. TWO people were crying today...that place is toxic.

Matt: So quit.

Me: Haha oookay.

Matt: ...

Me: What? Why are you staring at me? You gotta be kidding me, I can't quit!

Matt: Why not? It makes you miserable, and the building irritates your allergies. You can go full time to school, finish in a year or so, and get a job you love.

Me: Because I can't quit! We need the money.

Matt: For what?

Me: ...



The truth is -- we don't need the money. Especially since we won't be buying a house right now.

It kind of came down to this, follow my dream (finishing my Behavioral Sci. degree and working with people) or money. Which would make me happier and be better for us in the long run? I made a list of pros and cons (it's what I do! I HAVE TO WEIGH MY OPTIONS!).

I was pretty horrified to see that the ONLY con to quitting my job was having less spending money. When did money take over my life?

So I did. I turned in my two week notice. I won't actually be unemployed though, so I feel a little better. I will be typing legal transcripts from home.

I am so grateful that we are in the position to do this right now, and that this is not only what I want, but what my husband wants for me (seriously, I've said it before and I'll say it again, my husband is amazing, I have no idea how I got so lucky). But still...


Updated: I realized that some of you probably don't know that I currently go to school part-time at night. I will be able to enroll full time for classes in the spring semester. Since it will be full-time I probably have about a year and a half to two years(depends on when classes are offered, some of required classes are not offered every semester). Had I continued part time I would not graduate for around three years, maybe more.


  1. Great! You should absolutely give up your job, get an education and then find a job you love.

    I mean, you'll be working for a hell of a long time and that's just too long a time to be in a job you hate.

    Your husband sure is a wise wise man...

  2. i totally know how scary starting something new can be. but if you dont NEED the money, then why are you making yourself miserable? once you get over the initial shock, i hope youll be more excited than scared!!

    and i mean, it sucks about the house, but the kitchen was ugly, and you would have had to quit your job to get all of the remodeling done in a timely manner anyways. :) youll be fine. think how much less stress youre going to have without a sucky job! im super jealous!

  3. Good for you Bekah! Wish I could do the same thing but I can't.

  4. Yay!! And I knew the ugly kitchen comment would help! hee hee.

    Really, I'm so glad that you chose to go that route. Working sucks, so you should at least be doing something you WANT to do.

    And Mr. C reacts a lot like Matt. I'm all "This sucks! Everything sucks!" and he's all "But life goes on. How was work?"

  5. woo hoo!!! 2 week notices are always exciting (in a petrifying kind of way).

    btw, i finally got my favorites posted...

  6. Dude that is definitely a rough decision. But Husband offers good perspective.

  7. Damn that is scary, but how liberating! How much school do you have left? Will you be able to start back in the spring?

    I love school, I would do that all my life if it was up to me.


  8. This is fantastic! Scary, sure, but super fantastic! I bet in the long run, you're going to be very happy with this decision, and it's so fabulous that you have a partner who is forever on your side and cheering for you!

  9. How cool is that! My husband once told me to quit a job and I did. Now he thinks before speaking. LOL

    I'm a firm believe in leaving jobs that make you miserable especially if there are more options available.

    You go girl! Get that degree and do something that will make you happy!

  10. Good for you!!! And hooray to Matt for being such a suportive husband. You can do it!!!

    I wish I would have done that YEARS ago. But I always had an excuse. Now, years later, I am STUCK in a job I hate. Seriously. And feel like it's too late to try and go back to school. It's a terrible feeling.
    Follow your dreams. You are young. It may be a struggle now, but in the future you will be so glad you did.
    As always, your husband sounds amazing. I hope my daughter finds someone as amazing as yours is.

  12. That is freakin' AWESOME!!!! GOOD for you!!! And good for hubby for opening your eyes to this option. :-)

    I would love to quit my job and go to school, but alas, we DO need my paycheck to pay the mortgage etc. Buggar. I'll just have to live vicariously through you!!


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