Friday, September 5, 2008


I'm not even sure why I called this post that, I guess because I have been a huge slacker and been meaning to write part of this post for about two weeks. I am also a huge slacker when it comes to house-keeping, but that is irrelevant to the post and we are all going to pretend I am a perfect Susie Homemaker, okay guys? Whew! Thanks!

Anyway....about two weeks ago The Wife over at Gizzards & Calf Fries gave me this shiny new award! Then earlier this week I got it AGAIN from Paige at Malfunction Junction (I LOVE the name of that blog, it's so Mr. Rogers)

Seriously, how cute and happy is that little thing??? Really cute, that's how cute!! One of my favorite aspects of getting this award was her description of me as "a little neurotic at times" because...well, she hit that nail right on the head. In fact, my mom followed her comment on my blog back and saw the description of me, called me and said "she has NO idea just how neurotic you really are!" I laughed so hard when I read it! Have you read The Wife? No? Well get your little tush over there and read about her many injuries and animals! Now comes the part where I pass this little ray of sunshine out to you lovely folks! I've been doing some exploring in blog land recently and here are some of the newer gems I have found, as well as some that I have been reading for a while. Keep in mind that quite a few of the blog I read already have gotten this award in the past week or so.

1. Tiff over at Hang on Little Tomato. Another young blogger who is planing a trip to CABO! I'm so jealous! Just thought I would throw that in there!

2. Jen from Muddy Boot Dreams. This lady can grow a flower! AND she post some of the most beautiful pictures. She brightens up my days in my windowless office with her lovely flowers.

3. Jen from The Cubicle's Backporch. She is an engineer living out in the country with her Mr. C and a multitude of chickens, but don't let that fool you. She will tell it you to like it is, and make you laugh while she is doing it!

4. Suzanne at Colorado Lady. She recently wrote a post about her husband and their love fern that made me laugh and feel mushy at the same time. That's a tough combination to pull off!

5. & 6. The ladies at Domestigals. Sue and Jen write letters of a sort back and forth to each other across the ocean. They tackle just about any issue you can even imagine. No really, ANY ISSUE. PLUS they are really sweet, and funny. I like sweet and funny. I like Domestigals. I want to BE a Domestigal.

Next up on the agenda...My Bucket List. I was tagged by Jen at The Cubicle's Backporch to make a bucket list of 8 things I want to do before I kick the bucket.

1. Live on THE farm again. I want to live in the country, on the farm where I was raised. This isn't going to happen, but since this is my list, I am putting it in there anyway.

2. Be a mommy. I'm not ready yet, but someday. I am looking forward to it. Someday

3. See Africa. I don't know why, but for as long as I can remember Africa has had some sort of hold on me. I have to get there!

4. Own a horse. I totally stole that one from Jen, but really! I want a horse, I always have. We had two growing up, and I LOVED them.

5. Get my freakin' degree. Part-time school takes a LOOOONG time folks! A real long time.

6. Walk out on a crap job...I'm thinking of doing this right now...haha not really, okay no, really I want to walk out and not come back and hit ignore on my phone when they call and laugh and -- Whoa. Bekah! Get a hold of yourself!

Okay I'm good now.

7. Become fluent in another language. I guess I have an advantage being married to a Spanish teacher, but you would be surprised at just how lazy I actually am.

8. Sky dive. Cliched yes, but I still want to do it.

I am supposed to pass this on to 8 other people. Holy crap I am running out of people. Look, if you are reading this, I tag YOU! Ha I'm such a cheater! Love it! But really, do it, it's harder to think of than you think! Leave a comment so I can come and read yours okay? I can't wait to read them!!


  1. These awards are giving me new blogs to check out when I can!

    I envy your sky diving adventure. I'm so freakin' fearful of heights, though, that I'd never be able to go near the opening of the plane to jump!

  2. Bekah! You ARE a DomestiGal, lady! :-) Thanks so much for the shout-out. We love your blog and are so happy to have connected with you in the blogosphere. Big love, Sue and Jen

  3. I want to sky dive too! Can you believe I've been to the jump site twice and still haven't done it! Also, thanks for the plug. I love how often you update! I can always depend on you for a good read!

  4. Thank you for the award! I thought for sure after comparing your butt to jennifer lopez's butt that you'd hate me forever! I'm glad that's not the case!

    I forgot about going to Africa, but I so want to go there too. I love me some animals in their natural habitat. Although if I saw poachers, I'd have to pull out a gun and do some poacher poachin! :)

  5. different girl: I will have to hire someone to force me out as well. and sorry for abbreviateing your it ok if I do that?

    Domestigals-I am!?! Really! Yay! Is there a membership card 'cause I would totally rock a membership card. Im just saying!

    Teej - Did you go to watch someone else?

    Jen - oh please, if J-Lo is the butt the mine reminds you of thats not a bad thing...i you had compared it to...say...Madeas bum I might have began sending you hate mail with little insect carcases inside. But we're good.

  6. Love your awards and links. Thanks for the tip! I#ve been tagged by you .. but then you already know where I keep my blog at...

  7. Bekah, thanks for the plug! We have been away, and I have "borrowed" someone else's computer with SATALITE internet. It was sooooo slow, that even viewing a blog took forever. That is the reason that I did not get to thank you immediatly. So thanks again!

  8. Good list and congratulations!!!


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