Monday, September 8, 2008

I'll Have That!

I have a confession. I am madly in love with an entity other than my husband. I call this lover Panera Bread.

I could easily eat a bowl of their soup for lunch every day and not get's just that good. I usually gravitate towards their vegetarian soups, not because I am a vegetarian but simply because they are so delicious and pretty light.

My older sister Emily and I went one afternoon to grab a quick lunch and hang out together for a little while. The soup list just happened to be down so I asked the young lady behind the register if they had any vegetarian soups. She was unsure so she went off to find out. After about five minutes she came back, gave me a nice sweet smile, and informed me that yes, they do have one vegetarian option today.

Chicken Noodle.

I'm still proud of myself for not actually laughing out loud.

This is not a vegetable.


  1. I love their food all together! Its just so delicious. My favorite soup is there brocoli and cheddar. Hmmmm...makes me hungry. Maybe I will have that for lunch today.. :)

  2. That's just good customer service right there! Ha!

    I have had to break up with Panera for a bit because I was having a torrid love with the IC Mocha. I feel the need to hang out with them again, soon, though.

  3. Oy.

    They make a mean broccoli cheese soup too

  4. LOL. I#m veggie and people are always trying to offer me chicken or fish as a vegetarian option...

    Perhaps they just thought that noodles were vegetables?

  5. Love me some Panera!

    LOL Chicken Noodle!

  6. Oh my gosh, that is hilarious! And sad, but I believe the humor wins out. Nice self control as well. :)

  7. I miss Panera RIDICULOUSLY! My bf is addicted to that mocha drink and I love their broccoli and cheese soup. Makes me nostalgic for the amazing cheese soup my grandparents would make in Wisconsin. Sigh...

  8. "Oh but Bekah", Jen says with her tongue firmly in her cheek, "it was TOFU chicken"

  9. MMMMMmmmm... We love that place too.

    Funny story about the soup!

  10. I wouldn't have kept up the composure.



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