Monday, September 22, 2008

My Favorite Things

I find myself to be extremely interested when other bloggers post pictures of their belongings. I know that probably sounds pretty weird, but I think you can see a lot about the likes and personality of a person by their 'stuff' you know? So I've decided to give you guys a little look into my life through some of my stuff.

First off -- my Fiestaware. I LOVE it. I didn't register for any sort of china for our wedding, I just told my mom that if people ask just tell them to pick out their favorite color of Fiestaware for me. I love the colors, they compliment and highlight each other. I ended up with cabinets full of bright sunny dishes. Can a dish be sunny? Well, mine are.

Next up, my undying love of records. Real vinyl records. For Christmas last year Matt bought me a real record player, and something about the scratchy white noise takes slow-dancing in the living room up to the next level in romance.

Is there a better chick flick than Dirty Dancing? I just don't know. Nobody puts Baby in the corner. Be still my heart.

I scored this one for .99 at Salvation Army.
This was another find that same day, not in the best shape, but hello Jim Morrison!
I had a rough time getting a picture of this one in focus, must have been all the good vibrations! Heh get it? get it? Good Vibrations??
This one used to be my Pop-pop's. In fact, I had the wedding party dance to one of the songs from this record. "This guy's in love with you" is just one of the cutest songs. Matt and I dance to it quite often. (Have I mentioned how romantic Matthew is? I mean...REALLY romantic, I totally thought men like him were putting on a show, but nope he really is just THAT sweet. I'm getting sidetracked though, he does that to me!)
That is really only a small portion of my vinyl collection. Most of them are in rough shape, but I love them for it. That basket hold about half of them right now.

Lastly, my favorite place to curl up and read. I love this chair. It is huge. Don't let the picture fool you, I take up about half of it. It's just wonderful to sit with a cup of coffee and good book, or sit and listen to my records.
Will you share some of your favorite things with me? I would LOVE to see you post a list or (hopefully) some pictures of some of your favorite things. They don't even have to be things. If your favorite thing is a season that's okay too! I'm all about acceptance over here on Country Mouse. Leave me a comment with your some of your faves or link me to your blog where you post them! Come on, it'll be fun!


  1. Well, your sweet husband sounds like a Dream! Dancing in your living room? Oh how I wish my husband was romantic like that sometimes. But...he is just not turned that way. It's OK. He is sweet in other ways.
    Love your fiesta ware. I always love the bright colors. Happy Dishes!
    I will have some more of my favorite "junk" posted on thursday. Have a great week.

  2. I love the bright colors of the fiesta ware. You've (I think) seen the bright plastic dinnerware I got at Wal-Fart for the lakehouse. I wanted bright and fun (and non-breakable) stuff for down there.

    And yes, dishes can be cheerful!

    I'll have to post pictures of my 'stuff' one of these days.

    Have you been thinking about what color you're going to paint your new house? I've been collecting paint sample booklets from everywhere (wal-fart, lowes, menards) and there's SO MANY COLORS!

  3. great idea1! i will definitely be making a favorite things post (& it will probably include my fiestaware, too. i love that stuff!!!)

  4. Your dishes make me happy, too. Great colors people chose for you. My MIL just noticed that we are still using the same dishes we got for our wedding--14 years ago--well aren't you supposed to? They were a big damn deal with the special order, etc, rigamarole--I will always have them. But your fiesta ware is kind of tempting!

    I like your idea of favorite things.

    I will get right on that for a post on my blog too

  5. Okay,'ve inspired me to start blogging. Check out my favorite things. Thanks coutry mouse!

  6. I like your favs. They seem very soothing. I will have to think about mine and post it.

  7. My husband and I danced in our garage this weekend. It wasn't really some slow, romantic dance so much as it was some reallly lame club dancing that made it appear to our neighbors that we were each experiencing some sort of seizure. However, it was a delight in my mind!

    I guess you could say that the clean garage is one of my favorite things right now. It was so hideous before it was driving me crazy.

    I'll need to dig around my blog and see what I've posted that fits this request. I'll also need to look into a record player for all my beloved vinyl, too!

  8. This WAS fun to read. I might just have to do this post!

  9. 1. i love this idea and am going to steal it.

    2. fiestaware ROCKS! that is pretty much all i ate off of until i moved to germany.

    3. that looks like the most comfy chair EVER

  10. I LOVE your dishes! I didn't get a chance to pick out new ones for me and Mr. Cat because he already had dishes. White with a trim of blue. Nice but boring. Yours are delightful.

    And yours and Matt's romantic hearts shine thru with all your selections. The Dirty Dancing Soundtrack is one of the best .... evah!

  11. OOoooohhh...fiesta ware...yours is awesome!


  12. i like all your faves.. but i love that chair.. a lot.

  13. Hi ! I got here from Muddy boots!
    Love that Fiesta Ware, you young gals have such pizzazz! My daughter did the same thing, and what is great about it is that I don't have to look for just one color. I just have the dark cobalt blue Fiesta Ware. My Guy and I have been known to have a slow dance from time to time!
    Nice blog, I enjoyed it! :)

  14. I too LOVE seeing people's things! It's so weird but I just love learning about people.

    (I found you via Paige by the way!)

    I might post tomorrow on my favorite things because I enjoy sharing almost as much as I enjoy looking!


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