Friday, September 12, 2008

Photo of the Day

I love this time of year, the first leaves are just beginning to hint at the beauty of fall, the nights are getting crisp. I huddle under my blankets with the windows open to feel the coolness of the night air. I love fall.

What does fall mean to you? Jumping in piles of leaves? Raking those piles? The smell of woodsmoke pouring from the chimney of your neighbor? Big family meals? Comfy sweaters? Brown leather boots?


  1. Autumn - that's British for fall - is a glorious time of burning, blazing, burnished colours. I love walking the woods with my dog, who is a working Golden and caramel-reddish in colour, and seeing how he nearly becomes invisible as he blends in with all the russet autumn colours.

    Autumn for me means: jumping and rolling in big piles of leaves, picking leaves and making pictures or cards out of them with the kids, making pumpkin soup, Halloween, freezing fingers, cold ears, seeing my breath frost the early morning.

  2. I think of the changing colors, and wearing sweatshirts, and fires outside. And Thanksgiving. I love me some food.

    It also means winter is coming. Blah.

  3. ugh winter...I could write what that makes me think of...but thast just a downer!

  4. Gorgeous picture Bekah!

    Love the fall, cooler temps.

  5. Another really great shot!

    I love the changing colors and having the house opened up while it's still warm and crisp enough outside to have it that way. I do kind of dread watching the final leaves fall, though, and knowing it's going to be awhile before we see them again.

  6. I love Fall. It is my favorite time of year. It means holidays and family get togethers. Football and sweatpants. Soup and blankets. All the comforts in life!

  7. Hoodie sweatshirts and broken-in jeans.

    If I were still in the States I'd say college football. Alas, I suppose I will be starting my own fall traditions across the pond this year. Which will likely involve Guinness.

    Cheerio! j xx


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