Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Photo of the Day

Subtlety is not really his 'thing', you know?


  1. dude blogger? that date up there? ITS NOT TODAY! we call this scheduling. ugh. ok sorry guys this is annoying, for all I know about 5 photos of the day might be up

  2. That is hilarious! LOL

  3. We once had a cat that would do ANYTHING at all to find the Angel Food Cake. She absolutly loved it.

    There would be this weird smacking noise, coming from the kitchen, and there she was, up on the fridge, devouring the cake.

    Your puppy, [ I use that term loosely] is so cute! He does look like he is about to gobble down the dinner.

  4. Mmm.. I'm sure that just what our dog looked like when he reached up onto the kitchen counter (somehow) and ate the face of a snake cake that I had made for my son's birthday!

  5. If we leave a closed package of BREAD (for goodness sake!), our cat Ranni will chew threw it to eat the bread. Crazy girl.


  6. Love the pic. Puppy is showing a great deal of restraint.

  7. At first I didn't get your caption, then I see the vulture in the background. hee hee


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