Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Photo of the Day

This is my sister's dog, Snow White. Sure, she looks cute now, but you haven't met her. She loves people. People that aren't named Rebekah. Here is a brief list of things the used to belong to me that she has eaten(Emily, Snow White, and I shared an apartment for two years).

1. many tubes of lip gloss
2. 2 make-up brushes
3. my elephant slippers
4. countless pairs of underwear (I know, gross..but I'm just keepin' it real)

There are so many more but those things stand out to me. One other instance stands out to me as well...

I had job interview with a non-profit organization that I was really excited about. I laid out my outfit on my bed while I took a shower and got ready. By the time I came back into the room Snow White had POOPED on my interview pants!

Was she ashamed? Embarassed? Skulking around because she knew she would be in trouble??

NOOOOOO sirree! She was laying on my pillow smirking. If you think dogs can't smirk just check that picture one more time. Oh, they can smirk.


  1. That's too funny. I've seen a smirking dog too.

  2. JACK RUSSEL! LOL!! I have one to! Litte terrors! They do smirk! and pout! AND chew everything! They are too smart! I still have them though? I guess I must love the abuse!! She is cute!! Looks to be a short legged one.

  3. Oh she has the SAME devious look that my Daisy has (Daisy is half Jack Russell/half Rat Terrior. I call her 100% TERROR).

    Yes, Daisy too LOVES underwear. Mine OR Big D's...she does not discriminate. She's chewed up (since puppyhood) a strand of xmas tree lights, a computer mouse cord, the cord on computer speakers, the cord on my Shark vaccuum, the cord of a tv, a pair of shoes, tons of shirts, some undies...among other things. LOL

  4. Oh heck ya dogs can smirk, and cats can look all sweet and innocent. Bastards.

  5. Yes, yes. I know allll about this! My parents have a Jack Russel (got her when I was in high school) and she is the same way. A total demon I tell ya. They do have sweet faces though. :)

  6. As the mother of this so-called 'devil', I have one Word for you.....JACO!!

  7. That adorable face does seem to mask some evil!

  8. We have a dog that actually ate our couch, my bed, most of my stuffed animals...Thank God she's grown out of that!


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