Thursday, September 18, 2008


Yesterday at work we received a memo that from now on internet use was going to be "strictly regulated" so you know what that means???? Well, just that I won't be around commenting on your blogs during work hours. Not even lunch I know, right?!?! Unbelievable! I really am bummed though, I love getting your comments throughout the day, you guys are the funniest part of this blog!

SOME NEW PEOPLE managed to do so much video streaming (I barely even know what that is) that they exceeded our band width, or whatever you call it. Seriously, my computer knowledge is lacking. I have worked there for well over a year and the issue of internet use never came up once, two weeks after two new people get hired and they have computer issues. I happen to know that BOTH of those people listened to youtube all. day. long. so no wonder, huh? But anyway, my point is, it might seem like I'm not commenting as much, surely you will understand that this is not by choice! As you all know I LOVE to leave my opinion on your pages whether you ask for it or not. That said, I also need my job...unless one of you wants to start paying my bills. Any takers? Anyone? Hello?? Is anyone there? Crap. Work it is.


  1. OK, OK, Bekah, I will pay for your bills. And here is the $50 I owe you for commenting on my blog so much! LOL!!!!
    Sorry to hear about that. At work they have disabled our cookies, so no more emails, and no more cookie breaks.

  2. Goodness me - the Internet police seem to be cracking down in your part of the world!

    I've just read about a survey that shows that short mini-breaks (like reading blogs, surfing the net) are actually very good for work efficiency and companies that allow their workers to do this every now and then create a happier workforce and employees who work harder and better...

    Still, I hope you will be able to swing by now and then and leave me a comment or three.

  3. Yuck. Damn work and their policies!! Leave it up to two new people to screw things up. And what are they doing on UTube when they've only been there for two weeks?! Shouldn't you wait until you've been there for a couple of months before you start perusing the web?

  4. Bekah. This is devastating.


    The DomestiGals


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