Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Somersaulting Dog

Yesterday was a pretty rough day for me at work, more on that later.

Matt, being the wonderful amazing sweet person that he is treated me to my very favorite meal. Take-out chicken corn soup from the gas station down the street and a picnic at the park.

What can I say I am just THAT high-maintenance.

We had just sat down to eat our delicious meal when three little hoodlums whizzed by on their scooters.

One of the HIT MY DOG.

Yeah. He hit my puppy, my Jaco. Little punk. Jaco was leashed, so it's not like he was out running and got in their way, we were sitting under a pavilion and the kids just HAD to scoot through that instead of staying on the sidewalk where they belong.

Jaco flew in a somersault and promptly urinated all over himself. He then came cowering over to me and sat in my lap, which is what he automatically does when he is either scared or hurt. He was shaking for about 5 minutes until I shared some of my soup with him, then he forgot all about the scooter incident and decided he liked the park again.
But really, the kid was like..I don't know...8. Where were his parents? I was LIVID, and that little miscreant didn't even apologize. Accidents happen, I get that, really I do. Matt had to stop me from marching over to the kid and making him apologize to my dog. When did kids stop learning manners? (or rather, when did parents stop teaching manners?)
What if he had hurt my dog? Or worse...what if that had been a small child that he ran over?


  1. Your poor little puppers! I'd be pissed as well!

  2. Glad your puppy is ok! Seriously, some kids will never 'get it'. I had the misfortune of being at a park with a friend and our kids a few weeks ago, and there was a large group of kids playing with pellet guns. Pellet guns!! At a park!! Our kids were bullied off the playground equipment by them. We asked them nicely to maybe back off with the guns, and they just looked at us like we were stupid. I wanted to lose it. Then they hovered around us and were loud, so we couldn't visit or play with our kids in peace. I don't understand the teaching going on in some places, really.

  3. that is possibly the cutest dog i have ever seen! i would have been pissed.

  4. Poor Jaco! I am so disappointed in the lack of parenting. It's amazing that parents either never say no or don't say anything at all. So what do we get? Little hellions who have no conscience and hurt sweet animals.

    Give his little head a rub for me will ya?

  5. I am glad that your poor puppy has suffered no ill effects. Poor thing!
    It is a lack of manners in society, and a "anything goes" reasoning that is taking over civility. Cell phone use in public places, rudeness, and road rage. While we all have the right to self expression, it is encouraging this kind of behaviour. No one tells anyone that they have misbehaved anymore. And this is the result.

  6. Well, if that had happened to one of my two babies, It would have been me....who LOST all manners. Seriously. This post made me so mad. Your poor pup. It is amazing how "food" makes everything right again for a dog, plus a little loving. Give your dog a extra hug today and tell him it's from me.

  7. I think manners have gone out the window these days. If they had hit my puppy, the husband would have had to restrain me too. He probably wouldn't have though!

    Glad Jaco is okay.

  8. It's amazing what some kids get away with nowadays! I'm glad Jaco made it out okay. But I would've had to yell at the kids, they'd label you a b*tch, but at least they wouldn't come near your dog again!

  9. Why would Matt not let you go after the little bastards and at least scared him into an apology? For the record, BS would not let me either I am sure, but I am known for losing my temper.

    Poor Jaco, I can imagine how upset you were. That is horrible

  10. Poor Jaco!!! I can't believe kids these days. Well I suwanee...

    Sorry...I channeled my grandfather there for a second.

    Truly though, kids should be more respectful - problem is that I was terrified that anyone would see me do something and then report back to my parents and then I'd get whipped by my dad. Kids don't live with those kids of consequences anymore....

  11. Oh you are "nicer" than me! I WOULD have marched over and demanded an apology and told that little brat to watch where he is going! You are SO right, parents DON'T teach manners anymore. I hear the way my little cousins talk to adults and I CRINGE. My father always taught me to have manners AND to respect my elders. When did that change?

    Glad Jaco is okay!


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