Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Town House, Frowny Mouse

Well the house fell though. Umm not literally, but I think you get my drift. So this Country Mouse is not a happy girl.

SOOOO link me something cheerful okay? Please? OOOH like your favorite things! Really though, when/if you decide to do the favorite things post link me, I'll create a post so that we can all go see each others! I know one person already did!! I can't wait to share them all!!!

...and not think about the house.


  1. Don't worry. There are always other houses.

  2. Blah! Sorry. When this happened to us, we actually ended up finding the house that was so much better for us. Hopefully the same will happen for you!

    I just had my first bowl of tomato soup for lunch this season. Perhaps not my most FAVORITE thing, but i like it a lot...

  3. Same thing happened to us once, I am so sorry--but you will find one that will makey u wonder why you ever wanted this one.

    I full anticipate having funny video of the magically nerve damaged dog posted this evening--that will make you laugh

    Also, I want a grilled cheese sammich so bad I am thinking of hurting someone for it

  4. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that about the house. Just believe that a much better choice is around the corner.

    One of my favorite things post will be thursday.

  5. NO! Oh honey, that sucks. I'm sorry to hear that. But I'll bet you a million dollars (but don't hold me to it!) that you and matt will find a better place for the both of you. Keep your chin up.

  6. Good things have got to happen to make up for this disapointment!
    The next one will be better, it was for us.
    Favorite things, maybe tommorow. What a great idea for a post.

  7. What a bummer! I'm really sorry to hear that... House buying is difficult... Luckily, there will be other houses for you to fall in love with.

  8. First we wanted to buy two lots on the lake (they ended up getting sold a month before we were ready to buy). Then we decided to buy the cheap- one block away from the lake- house b/c we could have easily afforded to put a garage and stuff on it. Then that ended up being under contract... but the realtor informed me that the house that says 'sold' that was only one away from our friends was in litigation due to the seller backing out and was up for sale again.

    That one ended up being the house that we bought. And it's much better than the first two.

    Besides! That house wasn't that great anyways. I mean, the kitchen was ugly! :)

  9. our first house fell through too....i cried..

    i saw on cnn last night where peta is encouraging Ben and Jerry's to switch from cow's milk to human breast milk. i think they read your blog

  10. Sorry for your troubles with the house! That is just aggrevating, I know. Just keep in mind, everything happens for a reason. As hard as it is to see now! *don't yell at me for saying that!* Sometimes it just feels good to get down right mad about a situation like this!*

    So, I just did a small favorite things post yesterday so since you asked for it, thought I'd share it with you. I was feeling a little down myself yesterday so thought by doing this it would help. It did some! So, go check it out!


    xo and keep your head up!

  11. Damn that totally blows!!!
    But I'm a firm believer in that meaning there is an even BETTER one out there for you!!

  12. It's a bummer but the husband and I went thru soooo many places in our attempts to buy a home. Looking back, I know someone was looking out for us and leading us to the place we were meant to have. You'll find yours, don't worry.

    Need something funny to cheer you up...coworker sent me an email stating:
    "Tardtown, population: you"


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