Monday, September 1, 2008

Weekend Recap

Gosh I feel like it has been quite some time since I have posted. I've missed you all so much! I'll never leave you again! That is probably a lie, but I'll try not to miss three whole days in a row. I am used to writing every morning, so this morning I felt like a huge slacker! I have a good excuse! I was at my in-laws house, and it wasn't really an option. As I previously mentioned, I am a gigantic idiot, and forgot to charge my camera battery, so I don't have too many pictures for you! But here is a good one. Proof that I am the worst wife in the history of the world.
Today, in honor of Labor day, we did a little labor at my sisters house.
We primed at painted the blocks on the bottom half of the house. That's my baby brother hard at work.

Here is the last picture I got on my camera from the's a doozy.
That strange individual in tie-dye would be my brother-in-law Mike. There really isn't much I can say about Mike. He's...Mike.

But the highlight of the weekend, at least in my book, was this.
Oh yeah, that would be me. Driving a '73 Porsche. It is one of Matt's dad's cars, and boy oh boy way I petrified!
He kept telling me to "punch it" going around the curves so I could feel the way the rear engine pulls it around. Um...right. That car is probably worth more than my life, so I think I'll refrain from doing any punching, thank you very much!

(I love Matt's reflection in the car...looks like I married an oompa loompa. With a purple finger-tip...I suck.)


  1. you are not a bad wife... you are precious. and i bet he thinks so too

  2. I forgot to buy a new camera battery. Hey. It happens.

    This weekend has flown by for us too. To much cotton candy-- not enough floss! ;-)

  3. I'd have been terrified to even start that car, let alone "punch it"! It's too adorable, yet scary!

  4. Big ouch on the fingernail! But I'm taking a big bet you didn't do it on purpose, so your status as good wife has not been revoked, I'm sure.

    That porsche looks cool! I would have been scared too!


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