Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Your Favorite Things ALSO...I Want You To Have This!

UPDATED: Links are fixed, thanks for the heads up! I had no idea they weren't working!

Thank you to everyone who did "my favorite things" post and allowed us all to peek into your lives and check out your stuff! Here are more people that have posted their favorite things, so go check 'em out! (If you did it and I missed you let me know! I will add you ASAP)

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3. Jen from Muddy Boot Dreams would like to also add Bootsie, her neighbors cat, to her posted list.

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5. Suzanne from Colorado Lady does something similar everything thursday where she shows off her favorite VINTAGE things.

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Thanks guys!!!! In honor of how much I LOVED! the favorite things posts, I have decided to share one of my very favorite things with you!

My undying love of Fiesta ware! And not only that, but my undying love of this particular COLOR of Fiesta ware.

Hello my darlin!

This, my friends, is a glorious color called peacock (it's actually a little more vibrant than it looks in the above picture). I cannot get enough of it. I have two place settings of it already (which brings my count of place settings up to 10, nevermind that there are only two chairs at my dining room table. I don't like to get caught up in details, you know?) The color is negotiable of course, if you hate blue but love yellow I can make that happen for ya!

So here is what I am offering. One new (just in case you were worried I would just send you dirty dishes) 5 piece peacock (or your choice) place-setting.

Here is what I need from you. Matt and I have come to the realization that we need new flatware (flatware is knives and forks and crap, right?), so leave a comment telling me what YOU use. Be it a brand, a recommendation, or you know...whatever. Maybe you eat with your fingers..that's okay here on Country Mouse. Maybe you use plastic utensils for every meal (naughty naughty! um...I mean...I'm not judging!). If you happen to now use forks or spoons just leave any ol' comment, that'll do the trick.

Spread the word out in blogland - you don't have to be a regular reader to enter or anything silly like that. I'm going to keep the giveaway open until Sunday night. (I know thats a long time, but I want everyone to get a chance to enter) and I will then pick the winner randomly.


  1. Your links are messed up! They all have two http:// in them. This doesn't count as my giveaway entry.

  2. These are the silverware that Mr. C and I have:


    My mom got two sets for us last Christmas, so one set is at our house and one set is at the lake. I think they're great, especially for the price.

    But I really think these are neat too: (and it has silverware for 8 too!)

  3. I was also going to say that you have written http:// twice which is why the links won't work...

    Love your fiesta ware!

  4. I am a believer in quality flatware. I do not mean the 200 a place setting like for your dress up dishes, but something nice with some heft to it.

    I think ours are Onieda, but they are really nice. And not frilly at all as that would make me crazy--and you have to look at it for a really long time, so it needs to be something you can stand to look at

    This is our everyday flatware


  5. This is the flatware that we got as a wedding gift, I like it alright.

    Ginkgo Varberg 20-Piece Flatware Set

  6. Because Mr. Cat bought all his flatware and dishware before me, it was a little difficult to make sure I got the right one.... but here are our fork and knives set http://www.williams-sonoma.com/products/f051/index.cfm?pkey=cflatware&ckey=flatware

    Boring but nice. That peacock color is to die for!

  7. This is our flatware: http://tinyurl.com/3tv8lt

    I love it! It's so pretty, and it was on sale. So you can occasionally get it cheaper. :)


  8. I want to update our everyday flatware and buy two or three sets of PB's "Caterer's Flatware"... they come in a handy tray, so I could stow a set or two away in case I have larger groups around and just keep one out for everyday use...

  9. Well, I really stumbled upon my current flatware by accident. We have a JC Penney outlet here, and one day I found this set....link below there. It is really great for everyday use. I love it. It cleans well, and has held up wonderfully. And the best part about it was it was only $19.99 for the whole complete set which is 8 place settings. Below is the link, but on the penny's site it is on sale...just not at the price I stole this set for!


    by the way, I love your fiesta ware, and the blue is wonderful. Very cheery.

  10. we use this flatware from odeida, but i also love this set as well.

    and to help with your fiesta obsession, i also have 8 sets of fiesta flatware in four different colors: tangerine, shamrock, peacock, and sunflower.

  11. Hi! I just discovered your blog and am loving it!

    As for flatware, our current set is a mix of the 4/$1 variety from Dollar General and Wally World, with a few garage sale pieces mixed in. Classy right?

    The set we really want is here:

  12. I love my flatware


    sorry for the long link!

  13. We just added Oneida Moda 46-Piece Flatware Set from BB&B ($129). Love it - and goes great with our growing Fiesta collection. Very clean lines, well made, but not too expensive.

  14. I have to definitely agree with Michelle. I love my Oneida Tuscany flatware. They are great eating on a paper plate and with the real deal! JCP

  15. Well, I don't know that the flatware I have will be to your liking. It's a western theme. You can see it here:


  16. is it too late to enter...what do i have to do exactly...email me w/ the details...i have missed a few blog postings huh...i thought i was up to date...man...i stink as a blogger. crud.

  17. To be honest, I don't know where our flatware came from and I'm not sure I want to know (maybe a flee market - but that's recycling right?) Anyway, if I was shopping for new flatware this is what I would get...
    I love how smooth it looks 8)

  18. I missed the whole favorites list. How did this happen?! haha

  19. We have a set of silverplate hiding in here. And it has been used oh.....2 times. What a pain.
    I do love my flatware, it is simple and heavy, and actually I don't know the design name.

    We have a line of antique dishware that was made in Canada, very similar in color and shape to Fiesta Ware, it was called Medalta. It still is beautiful.

  20. oh, love the color! we use... "GORHAM TULIP FROSTED 5PC PL SET STAINLESS" flatware. its on sale at Macys right now for $30!

  21. I don't need the fiesta ware but I wanted to let you know what flatware we use. We have Gingko Lafayette from Bed, Bath & Beyond. It was on our registry but no one purchased it so I went there with a 20% off coupon and gift cards. =) It was $100--but it's easy to find the 20% off coupons which brings it down to a very reasonable $80 for a 45-piece set. It's sturdy, has a nice weight to it, fits well in your hand, and I like the hammered finish on the handles. Plus- B,B&B has a great return policy!

  22. We currently have 2 different sets in our drawer. One is a Martha Stewart set from Kmart and one is a set from Target (their home brand). Right now I prefer the Target brand, it has a rounded end. The MS has a squared end. I like the feel of the Target one in my hand. I never would have chose a set based on the feel of it, but now that I have to to chose from- I chose comfort.

    We also own a more expensive set that we received for our wedding (7yrs ago) I never took them out because we never had dinner parties (no space in condo) and I didn't want to lose one with daily use. Aren't forks/knives like socks sometimes, or is my hubby losing them when he brings them to work-damn him!

    Love the fiesta ware. I am looking for new fun dishes and have been considering them...Not sure what color- but like the idea of all of them :) How are the mugs?? The handle seems uncomfortable??

    All right I will shut up now!!

  23. Here is some whimsical flatware, with brushed steel stripes.



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