Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Answers to LIFE

Yes folks, LIFE. We are tackling the big stuff here on Country Mouse...okay, well, we are tackling the teeny tiny stuff you say? All right, fine! But while I try to find a better blog template, or figure out how to make this one work for me, here are some answers to your questions.

1. What ever happened with the lava lamp?

Oh Lord. If you aren't familiar with the lava lamp, you can catch up here, here, and here. Wouldn't you know Matt saw this and said...yeah anyway! Where is that thing?! The lava lamp remains in an undisclosed location until I figure out just what to do with it. I didn't get rid of it, it is still here, it is just...uh...hidden. So...any suggestions?

2. Clothes on dogs? yes or no - and why.

Haha well, I guess this means yes. See, I think they are adorable. Useless, needless, and frivolous, but adorable. Jaco really doesn't have clothes, just his jersey for game days. I am not a nut (right?) and I don't dress him in sweaters to be outside, or pajamas to sleep. He doesn't have a Halloween costume or anything. Just that single solitary jersey. I bought it in a fit of PMS and nesting all wrapped up in one dangerous day at the mall.

3. You work with immigration questions. How did you get into this line of work? What do you like about it?

I kind of fell into it, honestly I don't like much about it. It is hard to hear people crying because their dad is being deported, whether he deserved it or not. I appreciate that I have a job, but I don't necessarily love the field.

4. What is your dream job - and why?

Hmm...honestly? I would love to be a freelance writer. To write whatever I want, but of course I would be changing the world while I am at it. I really do love to help people, I like to travel, and I enjoy writing. It comes to me much more easily than speaking, even if I do overuse commas and ellipsis (...).

5. Food that you hate - what and why?

Food that I hate....SHRIMP. I can't tolerate it. I wrote all about this deep seated aversion here. Ick. Did you know that lobsters and shrimp are basically insects? Gah. The only thing I like about shrimp is how Bubba says 'srimpin' in Forrest Gump.

6. If you could have invite three people to dinner (dead or alive) - who would they be - and why? (You don't need to invite family... )

My pop-pop. I would just really like to have another meal with him, to have him call me Scruff one more time, and to hold my hand while he prays.

Dorretta Brown. She is just an awesome woman that I haven't seen in four years. She and her husband started this ministry, which enabled me to work in the Dominican Republic.

Gosh, this is kinda hard. Um...can the third be random? No? Uhh....how 'bout one of my future kids? Is that allowed? It might be nice to see how they turn out...just may impact birth control. I kid...I guess...

7. How old is Jaco? And why did you get a dog?

Jaco will be one in about a month. I got a dog because I have always known that as soon as I possibly could, I would get my own dog. I love dogs, they are happy and sweet, and don't care if I don't wear make-up as long as I keep throwing the darn stick. I had been sharing an apartment with my older sister and her dog, Snow White, the white Jack Russell I sometimes have pictures of, and I knew that it would be insane to put two dogs in an apartment. Well, Emily and her now-husband Brandon bought a house, and Snow White went to live there. So a few months later I surprised Matthew with a little hound dog of unknown breeding that I got for free from an area farm. Jaco sort of chose me, actually. I knew Matt really wanted a male dog, and I just wanted a dog, so the first little guy that came up to me and wasn't yapping, I kept. Then drove two hours with an eight week old puppy in my lap to surprise my now-husband with his little guy.

8. Do you make money off those ads?

Okay, that one was asked today, but it still gets an answer on here. As small as this blog is, probably not. But what I like about the Blogher network, is that at the bottom of the ad, there are links to other bloggers. It is kind of like a free plug for people I don't know, whose blogs I might now otherwise find. And somewhere out there, ads are (in theory) linking here as well. Also, I have mine set up to run non-profit ads and public service ads sometimes. Which if you see and click on and potentially donate money towards or something, please know none of that is going to me! Gosh, that would just be awful.

So there you have it kids...everything you never wanted to know, then a little bit more! Now -- how about a question for you. Let's see...

Do you have pets? If so, what kind and what is/are it's/their names?


  1. I want a puppy!! I love Jaco's story.

    We have 2 cats- Sebastian aka Bubba 12yrs old & Willow yrs old.
    We had Barkley he would have been 9yrs old, he passed away when he was 7-he got very sick with diabetes. I miss him tons, I know he is here with us.

  2. haha i asked about the monies. :)

    in munich, i have one kitty named rosie. in dallas at my parents house, we have a german shepard named shatzi and a kitty named smokey. i think this is the first time i realized all of their names end the same. hm...

  3. I hate shrimp too. They are the cockroaches of the sea. ~shudder~

  4. Great answers!

    We have a dog called Wintergold's Wilson Deep Red - or Oscar for short. He is a 6-year-old (next month) working golden retriever and he is a very deep golden-reddish colour. Beautiful. As you might guess from his name, he has a pedigree - if you're interested in that sort of thing.

    He came to us last year when he was 4.5 yrs old from the breeders as he was just too stressed out from living with four other dogs. My friend has one of his puppies, so that is how he came for the weekend 18 months ago - and we are still on that weekend. We fell in love with his sweet nature and just couldn't give him up after that weekend.

    And that's how we got our dog.

    Mmmm.. I can feel a post coming on about this...

  5. Ooohh I love your new look! Lava lamp LOL! My son has one in his room! I have my dream job! Work 2 days, make goodies all the rest! Share them with friends, yep love it! Shrimp!? I'll eat yours! I love seafood! Love little Jaco, we should introduce him to Dally! Thanks for entering my giveawaY!

  6. Two dogs, Scout (almost german shepherd), Shane (german shepherd), a cat named Daisy (ruler of the house). Three horses, Joe (my sweet pal), Sadie (queen and ruler of the pasture) and Ollie the baby horse. And I'd have more, too, if my mean old husband would let me. He has said no to donkeys or goats, how unreasonable is he?

  7. I'm sorry to say we still have a lava lamp. It's little but it's still in the house. LOL!!!

    And I love Jaco's jersey. It's great that he gets into the team spirit. :) I used to put a sweater on my little Yorkie, but he would spend all day rubbing on the ground to try to get it off. I thought he would like it! It was even in boy colors!!! Oh well. I would love to get another dog someday but since we have an apartment, I don't think we will for a while. I want to have a yard for the dog first. So I will just enjoy Jaco vicariously thru you. :)

  8. I know you already know about my two dogs...Sophie and Dora.....the loves of my life....Oh, and Sophie asked this morning about Jaco and wanted to know how he was feeling this week! HaHa
    Have a great day.

  9. thanks for the update on the lava lamp....

    You DON'T like SHRIMP??!! What's wrong with you lady?!?! ......... Ok, I'm fine now. Sorry 'bout that.

    And I think we all know that I have pets (4 cats) because I'm the crazy cat lady just waiting to happen. But I do like dogs.

  10. Me? Pets? No. When I lived at home with my parents we had two dogs. A shetland sheep dog, Spunky, and an Irish Setter, Rusty. They are both in a better place now, but those were difficult things to deal with. My husband and I do not have any pets, nope not even a goldfish. Neither one of us wants to clean up after anything. We don't even want to clean up after ourselves. Maybe we'll think about it when our son is a little older.

    Oh I forgot, I use to have a cat, but upfortunately she was run over. Her name was Spoofer.

  11. Oh Lord, do I have pets! 4 dogs: Harley, Zena, Pepper and Duke; 1 cat: Miss Kitty; 2 Horses: Sally and Miss Priss; 2 Donkeys: Minnie and Pearl and bunches of cattle.

  12. I have 250 pounds of pets.....

    2 German Shepherd sisters - Josie (fatass) and Lexie (bulemic)

    1 mutt that is the know it all sheeat of the pack - Lou (He is the cutest as he howls like the sirens that go by when he hears them. I would like to clarify that by sayin that we don't hear a lot of sirens - I don't live in that kind of town. :) )

  13. 2 kitty girls- Jenny (named after Jenny Linsky in the Cat Club books) and Nutmeg, so named because she is NUTS. Our son loves to chase them around.


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