Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Bear with me....

So I set out to find a cool new template....because I really want a trifold template, since I have a lot of stuff I would like to put in a side bar, but NOW EVERYTHING IS ALL JACKED UP! And I may just need some Jack to get through this, Jack Daniels that is.

Gosh this is frustrating! I am simple, I don't want anything fancy, and apparently that is just not OKAY with templates. I don't want vines, I don't want neon colors, I just want my simple template, but with three columns.

All I'm asking of you is please please please just bear with this poor little Country Mouse as she messes up her blog, I am sure I will have to call Matt soon and confess that I broke my blog.

Send help! PLEASE! Ack!

UPDATE: Please blogger, can we pretend the last three hours didn't happen? I just told Matt...here is how it went down...

me: I think I broke my blog.

matt: What?

me: My blog...I broke it.

matt: How does that even happen?

me: I tried to edit the HMTL. What is HTML by the way, I meant to ask you that first, but I forgot.

matt: Important.

me: I see.

So people...I am still working on it. What you are seeing now is most likely what will stay. Oh, I will be changing colors, etc. But, it is the closest I can find. I tried to just go back to the old template...but that is no longer the same either, it now has blue words all over the top. So...do you hate it? I know, the banner -- HUGE. But it is covering puppies. I don't want a puppy blog, so I can't change the size.


  1. Yep - I'll bear with you! I think I preferred the banner you had yesterday: it was a bit calmer...

    I'm sure you'll find a template in there somewhere that you'll like. Hope so!

    And remember - your blog isn't broken: it's a work in progress!

  2. As do I ladyfi, as do I, but this template is the closest I can find for right now, so im giving it up and letting it stay like this for a little while...at least until i find something preferable. i like the smaller banner so MUCH MORE, but this one has a picture of puppies that, while cute, kinda throws off the mouse theme you know? I cant get rid of the puppies, so i covered them...i might just cry soon....

    not really..but if I thought it would help I totally would try it

  3. yeah, the banner is kinda big, and i wouldn't put the categories on the bottom, but i do really like the three column. do you make monies off of those ads? if so, how do i sign up! lol. and i totally understand the frustration. i changed my layout yesterday and it took me hours to do the header, and it is still off center. freaking driving me crazy.

  4. I guess you saw my post last week, I had my son do mine. I am a chicken. Big Time.

    It will all be fine, just take your time.

    Oh, and if you visit the bloggy carnival, there are several peeps giving away a chance for a free blog makeover. Incase that interest you.

    Have a great week.

  5. I love the new look Bekah!

  6. Those puppies flashed by quickly!

    I understand your frustration. I've tried messing with my template before, but I'm so scared of messing two years worth of blogging up, that I created a seperate blog with the same name to play with, which failed when I got freaked about how to transfer all my writing over. I have no idea what I'm doing. I wish someone would just step in while I'm away and make me all pretty!

  7. Here's a tip I came across: set up a fake blog on blogger, and use it to mess around on, and try out different ideas-I've done that, although I do admit I also mess up my non-fake blog sometimes with picture sizes, etc...


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