Monday, October 27, 2008

Dead or Alive

(You are all humming Bon Jovi now aren't you? You're welcome!)

Gosh I love scam may remember when I received this one, in which I was renamed "Martini Jerry".

Imagine my surprise when I opened this little gem today...

Dear Beneficary,
You have a long overdue payment of $18,500,000.00 in my bank.A foreigner is about claiming this funds on your behalf stating that you are dead so pls confirm to my official email address;
if you are DEAD OR ALIVE . Thanks and awaiting your response.Yours Sincerly MR DAPO OLA-DANIELS

I mean really, there is just no way I wasn't responding to that one. How could I resist??

Dear Mr. Dapo,
I regret to inform you that I am, in fact, deceased. I was out for a long walk when out of NOWHERE I was attacked by a badger. Yes, a Badger! In Pennsylvania! Trust me, no one was more shocked than I! But that's not what did me in, no sir. I survived the vicious attack, losing ONLY two fingers and an earlobe in the process, only to find out that the badger had given me rabies. Yes, Rabies! But thats not what did me in either. No, no, no. After going through countless rounds of shots in the belly I was deemed cured of rabies! Praise the Lord! After hearing that narvelous news I decided to treat myself to some sushi yes, sushi! And that, dear sir, is what did me in.

Yours (even in death),

It's just fun, you know? Oh, I signed it Scruffy because that is my nickname (it's the hair) and it is part of the email address to which Dear Mr. Dapo sent that email.


  1. I'm guessing that people out there fall for that kind of stuff b/c those e-mails are still flying around. I can't stand the 'Microsoft is tracking this e-mail, you'll get $1.00 for every person you forward it to." Really? You really think that Microsoft is gonna give you a dollar for passing on a stupid e-mail?

  2. You are a good sport! I can't stand junk email!

  3. LOL! Love it. Reminds me of the Jerry Seinfeld episode with his response to the telemarketer's phone call:

    "I'm busy right now. Why don't you give me your home number and I'll call you back. What? You don't want me calling you at home? Now you know how I feel." Click!

  4. You. Are. Brilliant!

  5. I LOVE it!!! I'll need to think of a snappy comeback for my next spam mail ( I have plenty to choose from!!) The part about sushi doing you in cracked me up!! Who hasn't had some bad sushi that thought it would kill them???? :)

  6. LOL! Loved your response... I'm hoping that you will get an answer, then will write an answer back and so on - all for our general entertainment, of course!

  7. Hahaha... That's awesome! Way to waste their time a little.

  8. You are too much! I never would have thought to write that. Please keep us posted on any replies.

  9. You are so funny!! I had to read that out loud to my hubby!! We laughed so hard!!!

    Damned sushi!!

  10. LOL! You have those too, That who I was talking about in my first paragraph, on my last post!! Good comeback CMU!!


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