Thursday, October 30, 2008

Don't worry Wilson, I'll do all the paddling...and the camping

As out camping trip looms ever closer, it occurs to me that I have never camped in anything but sweltering heat. I have no idea how to dress! Matt has informed me that, no, I may not bring along my pajamas and slippers.

What? No Pajamas? No Slippers? WHO LIVES LIKE THAT?! I immediately began to picture myself as a primitive islander, much like Tom Hanks in Castaway, but with a shirt, and much better hair.
I would have to leave some trace of my presence on the trees, so I packed my Sharpie. Hah, bet you didn't think of THAT Tom! Speaking of Castaway, did anyone else cry when Wilson floated off into the wild blue yonder?
Heart wrenching.

In the midst of my daydreams of myself as TROPICAL Castaway, the boys told me something that burst my bubble and made my blood run cold, a fact so horrifying, so terrifying, that I am not even sure I should post it to this site...

"It might snow, Bekah."

WHAT? Snow? No! You can't camp in snow, it's not possible! Only Eskimos can do that, right?!I don't know HOW to build and igloo!

I went out on my own(like the brave pioneer camper that I am) to check the weather...
Those fibbers. Also, that is not as bad as I expected, I just hope Matt realized that my blue icicle feet are GOING to be stuck in between his legs as he tried to sleep as payback.


  1. OK Bekah, chin up, you CAN do it girl! You come from tough stock. And besides look how resourceful you are at wilderness survival. Quick thinking about the frozen feet, and poor Matt. LOL.

    Have a wonderful time, oh, and will you be posting remotely about the trip? Ha.

  2. What do you mean no pj's? I go camping all the time and I ALWAYS bring my comfy pj's...that's the best part of sitting around the campfire!!!

  3. No so good at Fahrenheit, but the temperature looks OK - at least there will be sun! (It's dark and rainy here and snow is being forecast... for real!)

    Have a great time camping! I just love baking potatoes in the fire and roasting marshmallows on sticks... (OK - well I did when I was about 13 - does that count?)

  4. I think probably the most important thing is a warm sleeping bag. I went winter camping in high school and I was cold all night-mind you, I didn't have anyone to torture with my icy feet at the time!

  5. ha ha ha ha! I know! I'm freaking out! It is going to be sooo cold at night! Hiking should be ok. The weather doesn't look bad during the day. It will be great! I just hope the guys can make a fire.... :-/

  6. No comfy pajamas to sleep in?! Um, but what about getting up in the night to use the bathroom? The cold air would be lethal to me!

  7. No pj's??? Uh uh. And that temp..... Oh boy. This sunny cali girl is already getting chills. But have fun!


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