Wednesday, October 29, 2008


That is what I am. Who knows what will happen next here on this whacked out site, I certainly don't.

There just might be big changes(not necessarily on purpose) in a few days, there may not. Who knows. Just bear with me.

Also, if you cannot see my blog, please shoot me an email letting me know. I know four people can't, and I would like to figure out why. I'm working on it, I promise! I really really am! I switched the domain name, I don't necessarily think that will fix it, but it is still the same old country mouse blog, it is just easier to type now "" see! Easy as pie.

I know there are some still problems, but I don't know all of the problems, so if you are seeing something that you think is amiss, please let me know! Thanks kids! (Why on earth do I keep calling you kids?)

email me at if you notice something you think I should know about, OR if you are one of the poor people in google reader who can't actually see anything on the blog.


  1. Thanks so much for your kind words on my blog. I know you are right.

  2. Oh I like your new look!! I think it is great!! Also If it makes you less frazzeled you won my contest! Send me an email with your addie!!

  3. Bekah, No problems tonight, I came over from Muddy Boots.. The font is a little tiny? But I have old eyes! I am struggling with my format also..thinking of changing it. AND hoping I don't mess it up. Hang in there:)

  4. This is definitely BETTER - a lighter background with dark text is much more user-friendly. I agree with Muddy Boots - the font is a bit too small for comfort: you might want to think about making it bigger and perhaps a bit darker/bolder too as the white seems very dazzling at the moment.

    The banner is better, I think: smaller and not so bright. I did like some of the autumn colours in an earlier version, but the good thing about fading them out now is that you can tweak the banner with your own stuff (pumpkins, etc.) so that it is more personalized. Good banner!

    I'm glad to see that the Categories have disappeared from the very bottom of the site - this is not user-friendly at all.

    So - yes, I like! And if you could just make the text a bit bigger... Lovely!

    BTW, as you can tell from my over-use of the words 'user-friendly', I work with this kind of thing every day so am used to giving this kind of 'advice' to clients... (he! he! and they actually pay to listen to me... Go figure!)

  5. I really like the new layout! I have contemplated changing mine to trifold too, but I am a monkey with a football with this stuff.

    I think that a fly on the wall would have had to have therapy after listening to the words of realization that the boat was stuck in the basement. :)

  6. I like it! I think it looks fantastic.

    As for the font, just make sure it isn't set manually so that readers who find it hard to read can make it bigger by hitting 'CTRL ++'

  7. If you cannot see your site, how do you know that you should email you to tell you that?

    But I can. So I wont

  8. haha paige. the people who subscribe in google reader, some of them can see it in the reader, but when they click through they cant see anything, so they would have been able to see that post in reader

  9. Good luck with everything. This is why I love wordpress.


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