Thursday, October 2, 2008

I Really Should Not Speak

I have an alarming tendancy to say what is on my mind, and it never comes out right! EVER.

Sunday afternoon my family got together to celebrate my little brother's birthday. My very pregnant sister was sitting on her husbands lap. They looked so cute and happy, he was playing with her hair, she was slowly falling asleep...

(I totally stole this picture from her blog.)

"Aww Emmy, you look just like a piglet!"

It came out of my mouth before I even realized I was thinking it!
In my defense, I think piglets are ADORABLE. But do you think that was something a pregnant woman wanted to hear? Ummm.... how about no?

"No, no, in a good way Emmy," I fumbled, "I just mean, you look so lumpy."

LUMPY? Seriously? Bekah...think before you speak!!! Think think think! For the rest of the night she would only look at me and say "LUMPY?"

Moral of the story: Never, ever, ever compare a pregnant woman to any kind of farm animal. No matter how cute said farm animal might be, it WILL NOT turn out in your favor.

What is the most embarrassing think you have ever accidently said? Come on, we are all friends here! SPILL!


  1. Oh babe! That's too cute! Some days I feel like one...although that picture of the piglet is not bad! I know you didn't mean it! Love you sis!

  2. Will there be payback for that one day?! Ha!

  3. Oh my word! I hate when things just don't come out right!

  4. I would not even know where to start.

    Another rule of thumb: never ask a woman when the baby is due, if the head is not STICKING OUT OF HER. If I have to tell one more person I am just fat, I will have to go to the asylum

  5. And all is forgiven? It won't come back to bite you in the tushy later?

  6. HAHA ummm well i dont know...probably will.

  7. I just found your blog and I'm loving it!

  8. HAHAHAHAHAH!! You make me laugh!

    A PIG!!??!!! LUMPY!!!??!!

    Were you DRINKING???!!!! LOL

    Hey.. I may have been called an ass a time or two in my lifetime! ;-)

  9. Funny! I have inserted my foot in my mouth on numerous occasions. One that sticks out goes a little something like this:

    Co-worker answers phone sitting next to me in front office. She says it's for me. I say, "I really don't feel like listening to another person bit** today." She has this shocked look on her face and says, it's not on hold, with the reciever in her hand.

    Ahhh, crap.

  10. Although that pic of the piglet is too adorable, I'm guessing ANY pregnant lady is going to not like the comparison. Good thing she loves you.

    I'd like to give you an example of something I've said, but I stick my foot in my mouth so often that I can't come up with any. You'd think I could tho....

  11. You do make us laugh! I have the same problem, and I am years older than you. So there goes the hope that you might grow out of it.

    BTW how do you get your banner to stay so small? Mine expanded and took over half the blog.

  12. Cute story I really enjoyed it! I Have a big foot..and sometimes I think it has a note on it that says "Insert in mouth often" Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog the other day!:)


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