Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Meeting Matthew

When I posted the photo of the day yesterday, I asked you if you could tell why it is special to me. Here is why...are you ready? sure??

That is the first picture I have of Matthew. AWWWWW.
And here is the second.

Matt and I met in July of 2004. I was living and working in the Dominican Republic when he came down for about two weeks to work on a chapel with us. I was his boss on a construction project (I love reminding him of that)
Since relationships between team leaders and group members were strictly forbidden, I surreptitiously snuck photos of him during group events.
*Hey, sidenote, what is that on the picture on top of Matt? Why do those show up in pictures?

I was sneaky about it, no one knew, I'm good like that! Apparently I am not THAT good, since after he left my boss asked me what was up with me and the "tall kid"? Oops. And 'technically' nothing was up, since it took me a good three years to hook him after that.

What can I say, I'm just irresistible like that...
Ahem, stop laughing, yes I am!


  1. I love that you secretly took pictures of him... That is so funny.

  2. You sneaky tart! I love it. How long did it take for Matt to catch on to your sneaky ways?

  3. That is so neat that you have pictures of first meeting Matt. There's a couple of pictures of Mr. C that I have from when we lived in the same dorm (very pre-relationship). I may post them in the College Years Series Posts.

    Back to your post, That is so cool that you went to another country and did work like that. I'd love to do that someday!!

  4. This is so romantic! Seriously! I never ended up married to any of the guys I secretly took pictures of, and now, to be honest, I wonder if I didn't come off kind of like a stalker, instead!


  5. Bekah, you are too much! But sooooo cute.


  6. That is so a stalker kind of way. Just kidding :-o

  7. That's very sweet, and what a nice way to first meet someone!

  8. Look at you all paparazi and stuff!LOL! Good for you, you sneaky mouse!
    I still have the note card my Cowboy wrote his 3 phone numbers on the night we met! Yep 3! I guess I must have been pretty irresitable too!

  9. yep - I win the prize for the most wrong guess! Did it take only three years for you to hook him and reel him in... wow!

    Keep those photos - they're real treasures. You guys are so cute!

  10. that is sooo cute.

  11. Hah! I used to do things like that on my missions trips! Like hmm, I'm just going to take a group shot . . . and secretly look at this photo after the fact and that one boy for hours! :)

    Too sweet of a story and I love the pics!


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