Monday, October 13, 2008

Painting: it's an Artform

This weekend we continued on the project that is painting my sisters house again. Towards the end of the day Matt and Brandon wanted to make sure they got the window on the front of the house painted. Such dedication!
Hey guys! What are you doing??

Honey! Are you sure you need to go OVER the roof to paint the other side?
Be careful! I'm too young to be a widow! Don't leave me!!! You take care of him Brandon!
Hang on tight!
Honey? Did you guys have paint??
Wait a minute! What are you doing? Those aren't paintbrushes!!
Ohhhh you two are SO BUSTED!


  1. Obviously he doesn't realize that you can't hide from Bekah's camera!!! hee hee. Seriously, I give you guys serious props for painting. Mr. C and I painted for the first time this past weekend and it totally sucks.

  2. I love the play by play!

  3. Yeah - it's no fun painting, so I'm sure the liquid refreshment helped!

    And is it still so warm and sunny where you are?!

    Noooo - I'm not jealous, not me!

  4. Oh do I love character houses. I don't care that they usually come with a lot of upkeep, dust, and overly friendly [ mice ]. Great post, loved the ending.

  5. Very nice house..and..and they are having a Blueberry! Congrats! (cause you may be THE favorite aunt) I did not leave a comment there as I read it is a family blog. I love that your sister is writing all about her pregnancy. So, So wonderful! :)

  6. You've now found the boys drinking/hiding spot! They are so busted!

  7. Boys are always up to something aren't they? hehe

    PS I wrote about your domestiGals post over on my blog today!


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