Friday, October 10, 2008

Photo of the Day

This was at Matt's parents Labor day party.

You could tell he wanted desperately to play with the big dogs...

But we was petrified of the water.

My dear little coward puppy! I love you anyway!!!


  1. Poor thing - what fun he is missing. Our dog would have been in there first and still be swimming there now if he had his way!

  2. poor puppy!

    Slater once jumped on my head in a hotel swimming pool in Colorado--I was in the deep end, and could barely touch and I had a 170 pound dog on me. I almost drowned but it was funnier than hell.

    Some guys helped me get him out, I hooked his leash to a patio table and he dragged that in on top of me with him the next time

    Dogs are so funny


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