Friday, October 3, 2008

A Question

I know I said I didn't know if I would be able to post today, but this is hardly a post.

I just received an invitation to my five year high school reunion.

(Our mascot was the Bulldog -bow wow wow - great now our fight song is going to stuck in head for the rest of the day)

I feel like five years wasn't all that long for big changes, and isn't that what Facebook is for? I was pondering the actual changes that have occured over these five years...I mean, yes I got married, and that is HUGE, but thanks to Facebook everyone already knows that.

Most of the people I graduated with haven't changed all that much either. Well, yeah, my ex-boyfriend is now a MLB player, but he is really an exception to the rule.

So...would you go?


  1. I've never heard of a five year reunion! Crazy.

    I wouldn't have gone to mine. I was still speaking to a good majority of the people I knew in HS. My ten year may be a different story...

  2. I wasn't even invited to our 5 year reunion....I only heard about it from one of my friends who went.

  3. I didn't have a 5 year reunion. That does seem to be a pretty quick turn around. I say if you have nothing else going on, sure go. But the 10 year reunion is the one to make.

  4. I've been out of High School for 7 years now. That's crazy to think about. Thanks for making me feel old. hee hee.

  5. I went to our five year-- and it was a blast. Of course, it was at a lodge at the lake with a beer truck, so how could it miss?

    That it was so low rent is what made it fun though I think.

    I had a big enough class that it was fun to see people you had not thought about since graduation.

    My 20 year is in 2 years--talk about OLD! But I dont feel it

  6. My graduating class didn't have any money to even have a five year reunion! How lame is that?! But if we did I probably wouldn't go...I mean I live in a small town and try to avoid seeing them so why do that to myself? And you're right, you can catch up on Facebook!

  7. Lol at your ex being the exception!

    Last year a group of my friends in high school decided to organize a reunion. It ended up being a little disasterous, but being a supportive friend I went.

    And there really wasn't much change. Additionally, I'm still ridiculously close with my friends from high school so I see the ppl from school that I would want to on a regular basis.

    Everyone stayed in their little cliques! However, I did go to a large school with over 800 in my graduating class . . .

  8. i'd probably skip a 5 yr reunion. my class didn't have one, but i wouldn't have gone if they did. we pretty much all keep up with each other on facebook (there were only 68 people in my graduating class)

  9. 5 year reunion?! Uh, no I wouldn't go. I just went to my 10 year last november and it was crazy. Every clique you could think of was there.

    5 years seems way too early.

  10. oooh. Five years is nothing. I hope my class doesn't do that. I though that is what facebook is about!


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