Thursday, October 23, 2008


When I was around 12 years old my dad and step-mom surprised the five of us with a kitten! An adorable gray kitten with a white nose and white paws. He was cuddly and loving and cute and...well...everything a kitten should be.

The time came to get him declawed and he was dropped off at the vet. Later that day the vet called, and informed us that they had inadvertantly given Smokey the anesthesia does of a much larger cat. Our kitten would not be waking up. Oops. (We bawled for what felt like weeks, probably was about 30 minutes, but still...we missed Smokey)

Why do I tell you this morbid story? Because at 8 o'clock this morning I dropped off my dear sweet puppy to be neutered. I accidently called it 'castrated' but Matt was quick to correct me lest I accidently ask for the incorrect procedure. I'm still unclear on the difference, anyone? Anyone? No? Okay then...moving on.

I can't help but think of Smokey right now, and Lord knows nothing can be simple with Jaco. Keep in mind, he only has one ball, they have to go inside and find the other one.
Love you little buddy!! See you at 3:30!
Who wants to bet that Jaco figures out how to milk this for all it is worth?

Also, you should probably head over to my sister's page and see the card her dog, Snow White, made for Jaco. I squealed quite a bit when I saw it.


  1. Aww poor Jaco! He is such a cute dog!

  2. Wait till he gets that big plastic trumpet thingy on him that stops him from licking his wound... then he looks at you with those big puppy dog eyes...

    Hope all went well!

  3. aww! my parent's cat's name is smokey! and i would be sooo upset if my vet accidentally killed my kitty rosie! good luck jaco! texpat and rosie are sending lucky vibes to ya!

  4. Bekah, give Jaco a big hug for all of us when he gets home. We wish him a speedy recovery.

    Hugs, Jen

  5. OH MY WORD! That is terrible. :( I'm so sorry for your 12 year old self.

    When we brought Callie in to be declawed last year, I had the same morbid thoughts running through my head. I'll be praying for Jaco vet.

  6. Aww.. the card was so cute!

    I'm sure Jaco has been thinking of ways all day to make you pay for what you did AND feel bad, so I'm sure he'll be a handful once he's back up and running!

  7. Good luck Jaco! Bailey and Jane are wishing you a speedy recovery.

  8. Good luck Jaco---you one nut wonder you!

  9. I'll be thinking of Jaco today. He's so cute!! I love the card Snow White made for him. Very sweet! :)

  10. Poor Jaco. I hope all goes well. I can't help but think about him the rest of the day.

    I so need to have both my two "fixed" but the thought of that far I have not done it.

    By the way, I went to your sisters blog and left a comment, that was adorable.

  11. I'm sorry for Jaco (and YES he will milk it for all it's worth!), but I'm truly saddened by Smokey.

    Mrs. Kitty thinks that vet's bad for cats. :(

  12. Kitty, I agree, and that vet is no more, that place was shut down, I dont know why, but it is LONG gone.

    Thank you all so much, Im sure Jaco appreciates it too and would give you all a big wet kiss whether you want one or not!

    I heard from the vet, they said he is doing good!

  13. hugs to the puppy! I just went through this with my Daisy. The story about your kitty is so sad!


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