Thursday, October 16, 2008

Where are the Fashion Police When You Need Them?

You how some girls just naturally have style?

This is my youngest sister, and this girl? She has style. (The one in the middle, in case you couldn't tell.)
She can wear pretty much anything, and make it look good. Despite the fast that they are heading to her senior homecoming she still managed to not look homecoming-ish.
I mean, how many people can pull off leopard print without looking a tad hooker-ish? I am 100% certain that this Country Mouse couldn't pull that off.
And yet, she looks adorable. Classy, young, everything I failed to pull off in high school.
Why didn't anyone stop me? WHY? Why couldn't someone have said "Hey Bekah, I think neon green is not your color"? Or maybe "Bekah, what's happening with your hair?" Or even "Why, oh why, is your midriff exposed?"

Oh and my date? A 5 foot 5 inch Puerto Rican named Jorge. I looked like an amazon next to him, a glowing petri dish of an amazon.

Please tell me you had bad homecoming style too? please? hello? anyone?


  1. You are too funny! I think you look cute! Atleast you went to Homecoming, my date cancelled last minute!

  2. Haha... I think you look cute too. Thankfully, we didn't have Homecoming at my school, so I only have awkward-looking prom pictures to haunt me.

  3. Oh man... my sister was always the one who could put together cute outfits. And I was more of a 'this may look good and it may not.' hee hee.

  4. Well it is the curse of the green dress in any shade, I too wore a green dress back in was a mistake. Your green dress is pretty cute compared with mine! Everyone has to find their own style, perhaps your sister just concentrated harder:)

  5. You looked cute!!

    I had a dusty rose sheer print, and updo, with glasses. Oh by the way, with the burgundy strappy sandals, I was over 6.2. My date, the tallest guy in school, still shorter than me. Ha, the good old days. The eighties....

  6. I love the leopard print with the red shoes.

    and I love your green dress--cute cute.

    I was the shit in high school, and pretty much the shit in college.

    It has gone all downhill since then though

  7. My high school days were horrific! Thanks for bringing it up. I was much worse than you. You know, the doodoo roll for bangs. Oh, the tragedy of my teen years.

  8. Look at that sexy dress! :-) You were totally cute, hehe. My little sister beats me at fashion too. Ahhhh sisters... gotta love em!

  9. You know, I think you look adorable in that green dress -- like a mermaid. Though, that said, your goal was probably not to look like a mermaid in highschool!

    Country Mouse, you've been tagged by the DomestiGals with a quirky post. Check out today's blog posting to learn more.

    Thanks for being such a wonderful blogger in our community! We're so lucky to have you.


  10. Oh man, your sister IS pretty and fashionable. Looking back at my outfits, I'm honestly surprised that I had ANY friends at all. Let alone the those that hung out with me in *gasp* public.

    You look so cute.... despite your painfully green mid drift dress. :)

  11. You have such a great sense of humor. You also remind me a frozen drink.

  12. You do rock the lime green though, seriously, I'm not just saying it! :)

  13. Girfriend you loook sooo cute! NO WAY would I ever post my, any of my dance pictures that's how bad they were!! My prom dress was so low, (and I had nothing to hold it up) My mom offered to hot glue it so it would stay in place! yeah nice mom! I'm pretty sure she was serious! AND she's the one that made it!! Go figure?!

  14. LOL! I really did - loved the pictures.. and good heavens! that lime green neon outfit could probably be seen from the moon! ;-)

    I once wore blue mascara (yes, blue!), a horrible feathered hairstyle and white wedge sandals with a flowery mini-skirt in the 80s.. oh the horror and the shame!

  15. Yes, but if you remember correctly, you toes matched perfectly!!

  16. You look cute!

    We didn't have homecoming at our school, just proms & the occasional semi-formal.

    I went to HS in the late 80's,big hair ya know and some of those girls whooooooa they should be ashamed with the big poofy dresses, thankfully I went with something more traditional....LOL I need to scan some pics hahahahaha I am laughing out loud thinking about these chicks!!!

    Oh and your sis looks wicked cute with the leopard #

  17. I don't even want to SHARE what I wore to homecoming (um, let's just say skin tight and black--kinda ruched--and short with a huge ass white bow-thingie that wrapped around the off the shoulder part. Please, don't ask. LOL). And the best part of Homecoming? Me hiding in the bathroom half the night cuz I didn't want to dance with my weirdo date. LOL


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